Did Terry Davis Temple OS predict Beer Bug & beyond?

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    Disclaimer:  Please take this thread with a grain of salt!  This is all just something that I was researching into.  The video I made on You Tube about this was removed for “hate speech”.  So I need to bring this up somewhere I can freely talk about this topic.  All very subjective in nature.  Maybe I am as crazy as Terry. lol

    Okay lets start:  Anyone here familiar with Terry Davis and his Temple OS project?  I would like to share this screen shot from one of his live streams years ago when he was showing off one of Temple OS features the random word generator.  I find the whole thing to be very interesting.  Just at random check out how the words came out from each line.


    My thoughts on this.

    Putin- MSM trying to tie Trump to Putin running these non stop on all MSM outlets.

    alcoholism- This ties into Kit Harrington who played Jon snow.  He was put into rehab after the show tanked in the last season.

    God – Just a sign IMO that these messages are coming from God.  Terry wrote Temple OS by God’s design.  That was the famous claim he made.

    Jon Snow- This ties into alcoholism reference from GoT.

    Star Wars –  We all saw what happened with Star Wars and how big of a failure it was in this time frame.  Just another reference to major pop culture being on everyone’s mind during this time frame.  How it was ruined just like GoT was ruined.  The Writers D&D who had ties to GoT was going to work at Disney on another Star Wars.

    Jesus, Homo, Run:  Going to leave those out as my personal opinions will break TOS on this message board.  If anyone knew Terry Davis you know what I mean and how you need a Terry filter on to be able to listen to him without reacting to his words.  He was mentally ill but was a genius in so many ways.  He had a hard time filtering his speech.  What he thought would just come out.  But he was RIGHT about what he said about them, IMO.


    Now we get to GOD.  Then China Virus.  Another message in my opinion that God is speaking through Temple OS telling us the Virus came from China which we already knew.  But at the time this was generated it was YEARS before hand.  Very strange indeed and is what prompted me to start this discussion.  Sure it could be totally wacky non sense.  I get that.  But I like to look into things a bit deeper than some.  My like minded friends would like to see this.  I made a video about this very thing on You Tube.  My video was removed and I was given my 2nd Hard strike on my channel.  Had to remove the video.  No hate speech or even having Terry say his famous words.  Yet was removed for “Hate speech”.  You Tube didn’t want me talking about this what so ever.   That is what raised even more eye brows for me on this topic.  Since I can’t make a video about.  I will talk about it here.  Take it with a grain of salt.

    Now we are getting into current time frame.. the Election section.  The virus will be used to help the DNC do their mail in fraud.  Another strange “random” word for it to come up right after Virus.  Or is it just me looking into this to deeply?  Or does anyone else see what I am seeing and are following me so far?

    The DNC will not concede their lose. It will be a fight out in the streets. BLM/Antifa already have battle plans marked out. People will be Smitten for trying something very dumb. Everything we took for granted will change after this. Cherish what you have now as things are about to get ugly out here. More so in other places. Trucks will have to cut their supply line into the cities. You are going to see something we have never seen in our modern age. Anyone know who Terry Davis is? Know what Temple OS is? It predicted all of this happening years ago. Take a look at the screen shot of this random word generator. Terry programmed the whole thing from what he claims was God’s Design. He spoke to God and it told him to make this.

    This is what it said.

    Virus — A virus was spread

    China – The virus came from China

    Election — The elections will be effected by virus, IE Mail in voting

    Diet Shasta — Not sure here, was Terry’s favorite soda. Maybe someone knows more about this product and why it was brought up.

    DUMB – Dumb. Either Biden/Harris Win Or as I think something will break out and they will attack and burn cities. You know what these assholes do. Smitten – Either lots of BLM/Antifa will die. Or they will assassinate our President I hope for the first one.

    Hym – Lots of prayers will go out

    Light Saber- a sign of a fight against good and evil

    May the 4th be with you – The 4th amendment rights will come into play if they start to go door to door and want to enter your house.


    I really hope this isn’t saying Trump is going to lose.  Or that when Trump does win something bad will happen to him.  Smitten is in there.

    I wanted this up on the internet before it is to late.  This way this will be up here months before anything goes down.  We can refer to this thread if anything plays out the way I am seeing it in here.  Plus I would very much like other people’s thoughts and opinions on what these might mean.

    Or just come in and tell me to STFU I am crazy or being stupid.  Either way any input would be welcomed.  Was sad when we lost Terry last year.  We lost someone very special with some very great gifts to something that with the right help could have been avoided.  But that is a whole other can of worms.


    Even if all this is wrong.  I find it very telling that this random word generator was able to predict Covid19 Virus and China all in the same line.  Then the elections that happen all in tow with what was said.


    Those of you who have no clue who Terry Davis is this will make very little sense to you.  Those of you who do know.  They Glow in the DARK!



    Also feel free to fill in the blanks on the lower section.  I am still working on what it all means.  Might not mean anything at all.  Or may be clues to what is to come.

    While I see the whole world as one big conspiracy, these things do interest me and I see meaning in things that other wise go unnoticed.  With everything going on I have this horrible feeling that 2020 won’t be complete unless Biden/Harris somehow are able to win/cheat/steal the election via their lawyers and dirty plays.  They have their goons BLM/Antifa running their dirty work.  They almost have free reign at this point.  Being bailed out, DA dropping all charges.  While those like Kyle Rittenhouse are jailed and called a murderer when he defended himself!  The people in Saint Louis who defended their property are being gas lit as people who pointed guns at “innocent” protestors.  We know the truth to these lies.

    I want to get out ahead of this.  I need more people with like minds to help me understand more to this message.  Terry did say it was Divine.  God told him to make it this way.  So if there is something to this.  Then lets talk.



    It was all a plan…received_678011202937186received_2885195944934992received_594655827756590received_890521431379684


    Yes the Dean Koontz novel!  We spoke about that on a Metokur live stream briefly and was brought up by David Stay’s show STAYTE of MIND.  We spoke about this in great length.  I had brought up the Terry Davis Temple OS project in there too that night.

    I 100% agree the whole thing was all a plan.  I see a lot of that play out with other things too that happen in our major conscious states that effect mass amounts of people.  I mean really want are the odds of this just so happening not just a few times but many times across many different areas.  The odds are very low.

    Even the hack Brown stole his line from the book word for word too.  Here is a screen shot of that. I never personally trusted Sylvia Brown.  I saw her as someone who took advantage of cold readings and getting lucky once in a while.  Over all her track record was really bad.  I feel Brown damaged the truth to anyone who had a good sense of observation.


    As for me that is what most of that is in truth.  Just being able to read a person very well and pick up on social ques others just are not sensitive to.  With enough knowledge I feel anyone could do these cold readings and pick up on a persons emotional state without some “magical” power.  Or talking to the dead on the other side.  It only muddies the waters IMO.  But that again is a whole other topic in itself.  I just thought I would toss this one in here too.


    The Koontz one is very spot on. And he never claims any kind of power other than the gift of being a good writer.  I am glad you came in and shared that here to offer another little piece to this puzzle.  As you can see Brown stole his work freakin word for word.   Makes me mad she is given credit over Koontz who was the one to right that back in the early 80’s.

    I can’t deny there is something fishy here.  And I was taken in hook line and sinker when this all started.  CCP are some sneaky snakes.  I feel they are working with DNC on some level.  As their projection has been nothing but blaming the other side of some kind of “collusion”.    We are never going to be able to prove any of this.  However it is good to know people are picking up on these things and we have a place to speak about it openly without getting shut down or flagged for some non sense new law they cooked up.


    Did you mention the episode of My Secret Titus on Netflix season 1, episode 10 10:30 in the episode…4fd3ddbea17454daa3033c5db55ef8a6


    I didn’t know you had a podcast going man.  Feel free to share the link with me either in DM or post it here.  I have never seen that connection.  Damn wild if you ask me!   These things almost write themselves at this point, holy moly!


    I was interviewed a few times, but I don’t have my own podcast


    Okay understood.  Do you browse or use ATS?  I started over there in 2004.  I have done interviews with John Lear, Jim Marrs, Justin Oldham, David Icke and a few lesser known folks in the community.  Just recently got to speak with David Stay about the Terry Davis connection.  You Tube sucks so bad that I was forced to remove my whole video archive just to keep from losing everything again.  This will be my 4th damn channel.  One more and they will keep me from making any new ones.  It will be perma ban.  Before they would just let me make a new channel and start all over again.

    I did everything I could to get to Terry Davis.  But sadly I did not get to him in time before God called him back to Heaven.

    Do you have your own thread that talks about what you got interviewed on?  Sounds very interesting man.  I am all ears/eyes!  I sent you a request on here.  Please here so feel free to DM the details!

    The secret of Titus I have not watched.  I don’t do Netflix.  The only reason I was considering it was because of Castlevaina.  But I managed to find it elsewhere.  Fuck Netflix.  Have always had bad feelings about them even before the whole ordeal they are in now.

    I don’t watch TV and have not owned cable TV for over 15 years now.  The internet is the only thing I need in my life.  I am sure I would be able to find Secret of Titus outside of Netflix right?

    There is so much out here that one man can’t cover it all.  Even being at this since the late 90’s I am always learning about new stuff and new ideas and theories.  Like mining for diamonds.   Have to go through more dirt, mud, and stone before we find that Gem in the rough.



    Another way I was looking at all this.


    Temple OS predicted in a random word generator years ago this list.

    Virus – Virus unleashed upon the world

    China – Virus was the work of CCP to meddle in the elections crash US economy

    Election – The Elections coming up in 2020

    Dumb – Biden/Harris Win by stealing election

    Smitten – Biden dies giving Harris President Status

    Hymn – People start to pray

    Light Saber – Represents the fight against Good VS Evil

    May the 4th by with you –  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    The 4th amendment will come into play as BLM/Antifa are used as the DNC personal police force/Dirty workers May the 4th amendment be with us all at that point as every Trump supporter is labeled a Domestic Terrorist.


    Or it could mean something a little different. Trump does win and smitten is there because there is an attack on our president. He is assassinated. Which equals the DUMB and Smitten and prayers. Either way something big is coming and it has already been planned out. Just like the Beer bug was planned and executed to hurt Trump and our nation.


    Death Stranding predicted a whole lot more than that and Kojima is the one who showed us FOX-DIE which is a targeted weapon that kills based on…



    Does it say anything about the coming elections?  Did it elude to anything that I can take a look at.  I am not familiar with Kojima predictions.  Feel free to inform me what it is leading to.  Or your own personal thoughts on what it is saying is going to happen.

    We need to get this out here in writing before all of this goes down.  As anything said after the fact is pointless.  I was going to edit the title of this thread to change beyond to Elections and the coming boogaloo that is soon to come.

    Something pretty big is just around the corner here.  And it has been planned out for over 4 years now.  Most likely longer than that.  I was sure Hillary was going to beat Trump as that would have fit into the set plan.  But that didn’t happen.  So it makes it feel like there was an “upset” and Trump wasn’t part of the plan.

    We both know things don’t work like that.  It is always part of the plan one way or the other.

    I am strongly leaning to Trump winning and falling under a major attack by unhinged leftists who have been manipulated for the past 4 years now.

    Thing is someone is going to die.  Someone major.  Not sure if that person will be Trump.  Or that person will be Biden.  The only way the smitten death = Biden is if Harris/Biden win the election.  That would put Harris in place for the President.

    So anything you can bring to the table here to make it a little more clear is welcomed.


    FOX-DIE is a DNA targeted virus that Solid Snake was infected with in order that it would kill target DNA individuals that he came in contact with during Metal Gear Solid.  FOX was the code name of the unit and so the name is kind of self-explanatory.  This game is years old released on playstation 1.


    Death Stranding is way above most peoples heads including my own, if you were to play it to the end to where the main character Sam (Reedus) turns completely blue and is “dead” on a “beach” (heaven?) you would probably see things that I haven’t from your perspective.  It discusses the 5 prior extinctions of life on this planet and basically says we are done as a species… but that we can put it off for a while or something (very vague here) he says the apocalypse is also an opportunity… Kojima is very into symbolism and it talks about “extinction entities” and the characters each have a soul body (HA?) and a physical body (KA?) which is ancient Egyptian.  Heartman is a main character who kills himself and shocks himself back to life for… (3 minutes every hour?) to search for his dead wife’s spirit in the afterlife.  There is really a TON.


    The America of the Past is an interview in Death Stranding.

    Oh boy. You want to hear about America? Well, you asked for it. But if you’re looking for some rose-tinted bullshit, you’ve come to the wrong place.

    I’m an immigrant, you see. Nothing special about that—whole country was built by immigrants. Right off the bat I could see it wasn’t quite the land o’ the free I’d been led to believe, but for a while there, it wasn’t so bad. Even bought into the American Dream for a minute. I mean hell, they let a black guy and a woman take a shot at the presidency, you know?

    Didn’t last, though. Somewhere along the line, people became so damned…intolerant. All of a sudden, there wasn’t any room for other opinions—or other people, for that matter. We even elected a guy right before the Death Stranding that wanted to build a wall along the whole border—stop anyone like me from coming in. Once that talk started I reckoned that was that. How could I expect a goddamn thing from a country that didn’t want me? How could I hope to get by in land where the weak and needy got fucked over for profit and peace of mind?

    So yeah, I figured holing up in a shelter was the way to go. Didn’t know how bad it would get—no one did—but i tell you, if it hadn’t been for that single decision, I wouldn’t be here talking to you right now. Just goes to show that the only person anybody can rely on is his own damn self. UCA? Gimme a break. You’re just pushing the same ol’ bullshit, repackaged for a brave new world.

    … so yeah Death Stranding is set in the dead America after whatever you are predicting happens.


    Thanks for posting that for me here SnakeEyes.  I have never played Death Stranding and never really looked into the deeper story line.  I notice many of these hidden truths of our history are peppered into video games and other media.  I love how most people when dealing with history just think people lived in mud huts and had no technology.   These people of the past had running water systems, power generation that would stand next to our achievements of today.  Thing is all of those things are either under water or have turned into dust as so much time has past.   We have been here before many times I believe with all my heart.


    I had a theory about Adam and Eve being Star Ships that brought humans here from planet Mars or Venus when it was still a living world long long long ago.

    Mars is now what it seems to be a dead planet that was once teeming with life just like Earth is today.  Venus is another story all together which holds life right now as I type this.  When I spoke to John Lear he had some very interesting points and topics he brought up about Venus.  But I will save that for another thread/topic.


    The writing is on the wall.  What is being taught in school and being pushed as facts is only the history those who write the books want you to know about.  The ones who hold the knowledge are the keepers of that.  Most people ask me who are “they”.   This shadow group are the unknown.  We never see them, we never hear from them.  They only use their puppets in places of power.  Even the most powerful of people who we see in this world are those who operate for this powerful family.   Thing is we have a few different powerful families who are fighting with each other for the Cap stone peak.

    Each of those families know about how many times human culture has risen to the point we are at now.  It is going to fall again.  As all our information is being stored on these computers which leaves nothing in writing for future generations.

    They will wonder how we did the things we did.  As most of our knowledge will be lost just like the knowledge of the past was lost.

    I just wish I could read deeper into what Temple OS is telling us.  These things are very vague and leave it open to 2 different realities.


    Do you have any thoughts on the Temple OS random word generator I shared?   Did you know who Terry Davis was?

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