Disney+ Hawkeye show should be renamed the Kate Bishop show

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    Seems like Hawkeye is not the main star in his own show.  I came across a review of sorts here in New Zealand.

    I discuss it here if you are interested in hearing about it.  Cheers.


    I guess she will be the new Hawkeye.

    Does she become Hawkeye in the comics?


    Yeah, she does. I went to check out the Hawkeye comics, and a lot of them were already Kate Bishop and then, Old Man Hawkeye, just like Old Man Logan. The problem is, most of media is woke now, so I have tuned out. Not sure how much these shows depend on the left but there was talk of a boycott of this show over an artist’s work. Upon seeing the headline, it struck me as a built-in excuse. I’d think a good show would succeed regardless. First season or two of Arrow was really good and then, it really trailed off, which is the norm now.

    Saw a comment that he was just a supporting character and I tend to agree with that. I was never much into most of these characters, so none of this bothers me. One run called Hawkeye:Blindspot, looks pretty good, like effort went into it. I have nothing against the show, personally, it’s for the fans and audience to decide.


    Disney/Marvel: We’ll gender/race swap every male hero because it worked out sooooo well in the comics back in 2016!

    Me: …You obviously never checked to see how well it went or you’d find out that it didn’t go down well back in 2016 and it won’t turn out well on screen either!

    Disney/Marvel: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! You’re a woman; you’re meant to like our strong female characters!

    Me: I would…if they were written better.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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