Disney Modifies “Disney Look” For Greater Gender Expression

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    According to the new guidelines,  Cast Members may now have visible tattoos on their body (but not head, face or neck) that are not offensive, and can also wear jewelry, and non-natural nail colors (single color or french manicure style only).

    In addition, these new guidelines offer more flexibility for Cast Members in regards to gender expression, as employees can now choose the costume that best suits them individually and how they choose to express themselves. There will also be no discrimination based on gender when it comes to how Cast Members wear their hair, jewelry or decorate their nails.

    Oh boy. I can imagine it will only continue. If this keeps going Cast Members will be allowed to have purple hair in the parks (Can you imagine a cowboy with purple hair on?)


    Oh nice!

    Nose rings, pierced lips, pierced checks, pierced eyebrows, extra-large ear loop disks, dog collars, etc.


    Does that also mean only a native can be cast as Pocahontas, as she is the only Disney princess with a tattoo.

    Otherwise that is cultural appropriation.




    Walt would go Postal on them all.


    If Walt Disney were alive today, then he would look for every legal opportunity to shut down the company with his name on it. I abandon all current Walt Disney Company’s intellectual properties after watching Star Wars the Last Jedi in theaters in 2017 . Currently, I have never looked back on that decision.


    There are so many things that Disney does today that I believe Walt would disapprove of:

    – So many sequels, remakes, and other unoriginal content (Obviously, a lot of Walt’s classic films are based on existing stories, but he changed them enough and wrote them well enough to where they became the definitive version of those stories. Also after he did one story, he moved on to the next, and didn’t milk it for cash)

    – So many unoriginal rides in the parks (Disneyland had rides based on some of Walt’s animated films, but there was still a healthy mix between movie-based and original rides)

    – Far-left politics (Not only was Walt Disney a Republican, but he was against communism in all of its forms. To see Disney pandering to the Chinese Communist Party would piss Walt off to no end)

    And those are just a few


    I enjoy Disney’s theme parks, but I cannot stand Disney as a company anymore. The theme parks are one of the few was I am willing to give them any money and the direction they’re going just pisses me off even more. More bland unoriginal new rides and now this crap.

    Me to a Cast Member: “Excuse me miss? Do you know where the nearest churro st-”

    Purple haired Snorlax Cast Member: “Excuse me? EXCUSE ME? DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY GENDER!?!!”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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