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    I am sure that you have all seen the blog post and had notifications:


    Downtown Disney will be Open July 9 and Disneyland parks will be open on July 17th, just in time for the 65th Anniversary.

    Of course they are saying that things will be different, parks will only be at 25% capacity and ticket sales and annual pass sales are on hold.

    We still had several weeks left on our pass when Disneyland was closed, so we will be getting those days back.  How that is going to work with the reservation system has yet to be determined.   We have gotten text messages from the employees that we know at the park and they are ready to go back!

    We will be signing up as soon as we can to get back into the park and will be heading to Downtown Disney the first weekend that it is open.  Will have videos and photos up right after that.

    Are you ready to go back to the park?  I know I am!

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    Yeah, boy, I’m ready! Made my reservation at the Best Western for 16th-19th this morning! lol Don’t know if I’ll get a park reserve, but I want to at least be in the area on Disneyland’s Birthday/Reopening Day!

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    they made soo many changes to disney land that it is nothing like how I remember it from 1988 and 1996


    Many of the classic rides are still there, alice, pan, etc.   They are updating them with new digital effects.


    While I am thrilled that DL is opening again, I’m probably going to hold off until at least Fall to go back. I’m not looking forward to getting yelled at to keep my mask on or social distance.

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