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      I see a lot of clips of this show.  I have watched a couple shows as well.  My aim here is to just spark conversation and see what everyone else thinks about the behavior consistently displayed.

      Clearly podcasts have replaced TV talk shows.  And the super cool part is there are so many you can find what you like.  You can see things that are very informative news wise say like TimCast, things that dive into subjects deeply like Jordan Peterson and there are things like this show which I equate to a modern day version of Jerry Springer (RIP good sir).

      Now I am NOT trying to say this show is garbage or it has no value.  I have seen topics come up and when people are listening to each other you can tell they learn from each other and consider opposing views but every often you see what is in this clip.

      I think this sort of negative behavior speaks to where young folks are largely at today.  They are disrespectful to one another, often to themselves, consider things only from their perspective, assume they are correct and refuse to entertain they could be wrong and when challenged will become silly and lash out (as seen here).  Furthermore, I have always considered the excessive use of foul language to be a mark of an ignorant (lacking knowledge) person as well as quickly resorting to threats.  In fact when you are discussing something with someone and one person resorts to name calling, attacks or threats it is because you have defeated their argument and instead of having the grace and internal fortitude to acknowledge that they attack because it’s all they have (which is much of the radical left).

      Obviously we can attribute some of this behavior to their age but these folks are old enough to know better by now in my opinion.  Yes, this is not all young people of course, but this is a prime example in my opinion of the societal rot going on.


      They are all looking for the Fifteen Minutes of Fame, and if that means bring your worst behaviour and attitudes with you, the attention and “likes” will only help inflate their EGOs and their narcissistic tendencies.


        That I think is correct but in that statement lies the problem does it not?  One could be working towards long term success in their life but instead so many are after the lighting strike they can live off of forever.  For almost no one does that happen.  So you end up with unhappy, unsuccessful and listless people.

        50+ years ago people set aside fleeting pleasures and worked for their long term success and for the common good.  Meaning there used to be a thought process out there, if I do X it can really help others and or my own community.

        But culture has shifted for a number of reasons (almost all evil) and now people live only for the self and for whatever makes them happy for the next 5mins without any thought to the 5mins after that.  And when they end up in bad, dire or unhappy circumstances they blame everything else but themselves.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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