Doomcock’s Best Monologue/Rant from Inquisition 7/12/20

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    Damn straight.


      This was the best one yet.


      Somebody needs to recommend Doomcock some Anime. The reason why I said this because the Western Entertainment Industry has gone woke and The Western Entertainment Industry must fall. Doomcock needs to show people options same would be said about Gary from Nerdrotic, Ryan Kinel from RK Outpost, SC Reviews, Sargon of Akkad, Critical Drinker, etc.

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      Gary is on record multiple times saying he is a “50 year old man that doesn’t watch/care about cartoons anymore.” So, trying to sell him on anime is a long shot, because he has a certain mind set about it.


      I don’t think Doomcock needs to worry about it.

      Japan has already said the SJW’s in America to stay out of their anime/menga.

      They WON’T censor what they show locally.

      I also hear several distributers having stated they might not “edit” them anymore to the SJW/twitch market in north america.

      If you want it, buy it direct from Japan, then you will get the best.


      I know that is why Doomcock should think about reviewing Anime and talking about Anime in his channel. You know to give people options and show people that they don’t need to rely on Hollywood anymore since Hollywood gone woke and it’s time for Anime and others to take Hollywood’s Throne. If he doesn’t want to that’s fine. I’m saying


      Well, here is another great Doomcock “RUMOUR/leaks”

      Star Wars|Lucas Cut of Rise of Skywalker Details REVEALED


      Just those two scenes would have improved the film 100-fold.


        For anyone interested I did a quick podcast talking about how great this was. Nerdrotic is my favourite.  It was such a great show I just needed to talk about it.


        “All you’re doing is passing the baton of racism in the relay race of racism.”

        That’s a powerful statement. Very persuasive. It has a vivid visual elements people can catch on to. I recommend repeating it. Often.


          I like DC. However, why did he stop having Harvey in his video’s? That is what got me into him, now Harvey is gone. Why? His video’s were so much better with Harvey and more of the scenery of the lair. What happened?

          Seems he has just gone the easy route now and it’s just the same recycled repeat video of DK talking over and over again. It’s not as enjoyable anymore.


          That’s a good question. I agree that Doomcock is becoming a little uninteresting luckily he doesn’t believe the rumors. But still, he’s becoming a little uninteresting. He could do more Movie and TV Show review videos as well as do Anime and Tokusatsu review videos.

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