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    Gonna shill for my favorite Retro console that died too soon – SEGA’s swansong.

    I honestly love this console. I was about ten when I first got mine (still works!), and I thought it was amazing. SEGA created something special, and to this date, I still look at the back catalogue for any interesting games I may have missed. For me, it was a console that couldn’t better represent the turn of the century and the transition of classic gaming to the present day. It was like a compact PC with you everything you could want from a gaming console of that era.

    It boasted some really interesting games, like Jet Set Radio. And everyone knows the reputation of Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 – Most are more familiar with their GameCube ports, but I played the DC versions first and I still prefer them. Despite the GC being obviously more powerful, in some ways the original graphics were better because they were easier on the eyes: Less saturation, bloom, brightness etc. Character models blended better with the environment too.

    But it’d be a crime to make a Dreamcast thread and not mention Shenmue at least once. Where as other games like Shenmue have come along and done it better since, Shenmue deserves credit for doing it first and laying the foundation. It’s still a glorious game to play, like an Asian kung-fu flick in video game form. The writing is top-notch (okay, the English dialogue is… something else, even at that time. But that’s another story). It somehow makes all it’s micro-managing fun and engaging instead of tedious. And who could forget the music? The main theme is aural heaven.

    Also, picked up this gem: A Dreamcast archive book from Read-Only Memory. You can buy it from their website (they ship internationally if you live outside the UK, but you’d have to pay extra and may have to wait a while).


    I didn’t have a Dreamcast when it was out, but got one a few years ago and it’s quickly become one of my favorite consoles. I’m not a huge fan of the controller, so I’m excited about the Retro Fighters Dreamcast controller. I have their N64 controller and it’s fantastic.

    The Dreamcast has become one of my favorite consoles for sports games. Games like NCAA Football 2K2 and NFL 2K2, as well as Virtua Tennis and Tennis 2K2. I need to try NHL at some point. The racing games are kind of a hit or miss for me though. Sega Rally is fun as hell, but Sega GT isn’t as good as I would have hoped. Handling is all over the place. I’ve got Daytona USA on my radar though. I hope to find a copy one day.

    I think what I love more than anything is the dedicated fan base of this system in how they’ve gotten it back online. I’ll have to give that a try someday too. So I’m not a diehard Sega fan by any means, but that does give me a better appreciation for Sega during that time period. I love my Dreamcast.


    I got to play a Dreamcast ONE TIME ever.  A friend of mine was borrowing it from his cousin or something, and I went over and played for a bit.  Could not for the life of me tell you what games we played, but I remember being so confused by the controller and the VMU.  In the years since, I have played many of the console’s best games.  Sonic Adventure 1/2, Soulcalibur, and Shenmue are some of my favorites.

    I hope the Dreamcast gets another day in the sun.  I really want to see SEGA go all out and give us a Dreamcast mini filled with the 20 best games.  The Genesis Mini seems like it was a huge success and I’d love to see SEGA take a crack at doing a mini version of the rest of their consoles.


    The Dreamcast absolutely owned the sports and fighting game genres at the time.


    My family was too poor when I was little so the first console I was able to buy was a PS2 but I always admired the Dreamcast. I’ve never seen one IRL though because my friends only had PSXs. I love Shenmue and Shenmue 2 (because of the story although it’s a painful experience to play due to the awful mechanics) which originally came out on the Dreamcast but I hear that 3 is lame. I might still buy it eventually.


    I admit to never actually finishing Shenmue II – It’s got a great story and it can be fun to play, I just hated that every time you made a yard of progress, the goal line would get moved to the other side of the field. It’s a frustrating form of padding that makes it longer than it needs to be. I still want to go back and actually complete it so I can try 3 out, though.


    Also the fact that you could use a VGA cable with the Dreamcast was genius. I’ve got an old flat screen 4×3 Sony monitor that I use mine with and it looks so good. I never play a Dreamcast without one now.

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