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    Heading to a Drive-in Movie tonight. Going to see Goonies and Beetlejuice. Oldies but goodies. They have been playing some really good old movies since no new ones have come out. I love to go see the old ones. After fighting for years to keep our Drive-in open it is their time to shine. Anyone else like going to Drive-in?


      I have never been to a drive-in theater.  I remember seeing one from the road when I was very young.

      The problem now is that we’d have to keep the windows closed, idle the car, and run the AC the entire time (AC and protection from bugs is essential where I live even at night, during the summer and early fall).  Is that even allowed?

      I buy all my movies on BD, then rip/encode them to our media server (i.e., digital copies I actually do own), and we watch the movies + all the special features on our 65″ TV with access to our own kitchen and bathrooms.   That works best for my family, I think.


      Staying home having your own kitchen and bathroom sound and is a profitable idea but, Drive-In is an experience if you get a chance go.  They do play the movie through a am radio station so you can sit protected in your car and listen.


        Yes, my husband (who is a bit older than me) has mentioned the soundtrack is transmitted via radio,  but I’ve read a lot of drive-ins don’t like idling cars (for the AC) due to both the noise and the environmental emissions?  Maybe that varies by establishment.


        Yes, you would be right on noise of the engine. Not sure about the emissions. That would be a state ordinance most likely. Spring is a good time when they first open (usually Memorial Day weekend). Don’t have to worry about bugs or heat as much. But with everything shut down its a great place to go and I highly recommend it if possible to go.


        I love drive ins, remind me of so many great memories. Haven’t been to one in years though. Enjoy your evening, seems like an amazing program!


        I had a wonderful time last night at the Drive-in. Next week they are playing Jaws and Jurassic Park. The following week they are showing Twister and The Wizard of OZ. I am loving these old shows at the Drive-in. I was talking to the lady who owns it and they had a fell parking lot Saturday. They are getting more people and are making more money off the old movies than on the new once. That should tell you something about the new movies. If you can and have one support your look Drive-in. There are only 325 of them left in the U.S.


        The Drive-in theater in my hometown just reopened this summer as a result of the pandemic.  It’s been a huge hit so far.


          I’d love to go to a drive-in Theater!

        Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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