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    DUNE Part 2 Confirmed & Release Date Announced!!!
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    Legendary and Warner Brothers have GREENLIT DUNE PART 2!!! There is no denying that Dune Part One has been a critical and commercial success. It would have made no sense if part 2 wasn’t given the greenlight. Well Dune fans and general audiences alike can breathe a sigh of relief with the announcement that the story of Dune will have its conclusion.

    That box scene was very key. The pain of having his hand burnt to a crisp made Paul hallucinate. During his initial vision, you see lots of fire. The fire is the burning palm trees. The Palm trees are sacred and represent the lives of at least a hundred men per day, so during the box scene, Paul predicts the Harkonnen/Sardaukar invasion where they burn the sacred palm trees.

    Another scene I really like is right after Paul is tortured with the pain box, the Mother Superior flies away and Lady Jessica turns and sees Paul clouded in fog. The fog covers both of them and represents a barrier that has come between the mother and son. Duke Leto mentions this later on Arrakis when he tells Jessica that Paul has not been the same since the painful rite of passage trap test that the Bene Gesserit put Paul through.

    Lots of complaints about the colors, the shadows and the dark. I am not an artsy person so I don’t know, but all of those colors mean something. When they are in the tent, Paul has another spice vision predicting the future. After the trauma, the tent is bathed in the color red and you see the tent harness water from sweat and tears. The water through the pipes represent the blood flowing through Paul’s veins as he has learned that his father is dead and his puts on the Ducal signet ring. It symbolizes blood, sweat and tears.

    It’s a shame that we are so used to action as we must be people of action in our lives because Denis strikes me as a true artist and he was using colors and lines to paint a portrait of the book. I pity the youth because our attention spans have been diminished by commercial advertisement interruptions, to where we cannot focus for five or ten minutes without some kind of break for a screaming ad. If you lose focus on even one line in the movie, you miss key story. The director actually did a good job.




    Dune (2021) Movie Review | Secrets of Dune (Spoiler Free)

    Secrets of Dune

    Revered Mother Mohiam was amazing. Her face was so mean. She had so much grit and substance to her. I found her as intimidating as the Harkonnens.




    Dune – Movie Review
    Movie Burner Entertainment
    Join Stephen McLaughlin, John Walsh and Ruth Aaron for our #Dune – Movie Review.





    Dune BUSTED Removing Black Actress From Poster For China & Tim Pool ENRAGES Twitter With Review!

    All I know is that if the Chinese audience helped get this movie a sequel, then I am grateful.
    To me, the poster stuff is not an issue. Others may virtue-signal, but I don’t care about it.




    Dune Review – A Critique of Hollywood Norms

    Upper Echelon Gamers

    DUNE is a highly anticipated movie, with an incredible budget, that is now criticized for its “boring” plot flow and lack of excitement.

    In my mind, this is an excellent movie, that stays true to source material while deserving praise for its endeavor to break from a standard Hollywood mold, and today I wanted to talk about that.

    My review of dune, is decidedly positive, with some acknowledgement of flaws that will inevitably appear when translating massive, philosophical Sci-Fi worlds, to a new medium.

    One think I like is how the youth are into Dune and reading. I give Zendaya and Chalamet a ton of credit for this. Someone said they went to a bookstore to sit and read in the cafe and watched as all the Dune books sold out in a few hours. I am amazed by that.



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