Equality?, Assault?, Self Defense?

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      What do you call this?



        From what I see, She struck an Officer and the officer responded.

        The days of do not hit a woman at all cost are long past, you strike a person be ready to be struck back and then cuffed. Play stupid games get pretty silver bracelets.


        And the media would only show the cunt getting hit.  And edit out what happened just prior, where SHE assaulted people included the officer.

        Yay, today there is no male/female gender differences.  So that officer was in self defense against an aggressor.  And IIRC it IS a crime to assault a police office, trying to interfere in the arrest of another, etc.

        Nice how the reporters REFUSED to say it was a Black man who was assaulted FIRST.  But if it was someone of a different demographic, the story would be leading with that.  Nice BIASED media.


        ROFL… I’m sorry if I seem callous, insensitive etc. but that was damn funny and strangely cathartic!

        Slap and you’ll be slapped.

        Punch and you’ll be punched.

        An eye for an eye and all that jazz…



          I posted this because I found it interesting.

          Let me pose this additional question.

          In this situation who thought they had privilege to act with impunity?

          And once within the altercation “equality” was established, who complained about the equality?


            Why @Vknid, that would (and I am only speculating here) be the BLM / Antifa member who (again only speculating) probably took part in the summer of mostly peaceful riots. And the ones reporting were the ones calling that summer Mostly Peaceful.


            Attempted murder


            Attempted murder

            Attempted murder by the female who was assaulting the police officer?

            I think that is a bite too much.



              Here is what I think.  This is kind of a sticky one.

              Clearly if you hit a cop, something is going to happen to you.  As it should.  Now should that something be getting punched into the pavement?  Well that sort of depends on the situation but it would have been one thing if he beat her without mercy but he didn’t.  It appeared to be a single punch in self defense and he was surrounded by some folks so its tough to tell if he even had time to process that it was a small woman.

              In short, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

            Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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