‘Euthanasia pods’ are the logical conclusion for a culture of death

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    ‘Euthanasia pods’ are the logical conclusion for a culture of death

    Exit International, the Australian-based international nonprofit organization that advocates the legalization of voluntary euthanasia has completed a prototype of a suicide capsule machine that it hopes to soon make available worldwide.

    Just what the world does NOT need.

    …the implications are revolting. Never before has suicide appeared more alluring or glamorous. A morbid photograph of an elated young woman sitting within the pod, smiling and waving, circulated on social media last month. The image was reminiscent of the final pictures taken of Heaven’s Gate cult members on the eve of their mass suicide in 1997.

    Well, the elites/globalists want LESS humans, afterall.

    Exit International’s pod is also novel in that it purportedly makes for a more pleasant dying experience than traditional euthanization methods. Pod users will not need to consume drugs to finish the deed but simply press a button that floods the chamber with nitrogen, which rapidly reduces oxygen levels. Within minutes, the individual will lose consciousness and die a “pleasant” death. This, according to Exit International, indicates real progress in “dying with dignity.”

    Just like the Disintegration Chambers from Star Trek: TOS: “A Taste of Armageddon” episode.

    “The person will feel a little disoriented and may feel slightly euphoric before they lose consciousness,” Exit Internation’s founder Philip Nitschke said. “The whole thing takes about 30 seconds. Death takes place through hypoxia and hypocapnia, oxygen and carbon dioxide deprivation, respectively. There is no panic, no choking feeling.”

    For those willingly going into those chambers of death.

    Better still, the pod can be produced using a 3D printer. Nitschke ultimately plans to make the blueprints available for anyone to download.

    Oh nice.

    A former physician, he has long sought to “de-medicalize” the dying process. This includes the psychiatric component of assisted suicide, which he believes limits the autonomy of the individual choosing to die.

    Criminals and criminal organizations can now place people they want to get rid of into this chamber, and it does the killing for them.

    Nitschke’s advocacy for the “right to die” goes beyond physician-assisted suicide and toward acceptance of voluntary euthanasia — the latter is distinguished from the former in that it doesn’t require the approval of medical or government authorities. The only requirement for voluntary euthanasia is a willing participant. Only then is the individual in “complete control” of their life and death, according to Nitschke.

    People who know things the government does not want the public to find out can now get epsteined too.  How convenient is that!

    It doesn’t take a genius to see where this road leads — indeed, sleek, high-tech suicide pods are a logical end for a culture determined to denigrate the value of life and easily charmed by the glamorous and the new.

    With the invention of the euthanasia pod, we should consider ourselves warned.

    We know they wanted to die, we just need to give them that extra PUSH to die.

    And nice how they don’t give an emergency escape option, if at the last moment you want to abort your death.  At least the article does not mention such, nor how much time and resources it costs to make this device.  And if it has the ability to call the local authorities that another one has bite the dust, and to come collect the dead body.  No need to check if the person was drugged up or anything.  They were in the chamber to “die”.  Case file closed.  Suicide.  Move on, nothing to see here.


      This is already the case in Canada just without the pods.  Other Nations are the same.  The UK will decide your treatment is not cost effective and deny you and if you decide to go else ware they will physically stop just like they did to that family with the baby who tried to take the child from the hospital and were stopped.

      The issue here overall is that a cornerstone of western civilization is being pried away from the foundation. And that is the innate value we assign on all life. In the west this is a Christian value.  So as people cheer and celebrate things like abortion, assisted suicide and encouraging millions of people to make treks of thousands of miles where they have a high chance of dying and being raped or abused, we chip away at the value of life.

      You cannot devalue some life without devaluing all life.  When the use of a magical “not a human” wand is allowed, to think that won’t be used over and over again is nonsense.




      Once they get people accustomed to this idea the next logical step will probably be ritualistic self-deletion by a certain age à la Logan’s Run.

      I believe in that show the age limit was 30, so you weren’t even talking about eliminating old, decrepit persons who were a “burden to society”.

      The irony: the fictional society was governed by a council of old farts who were apparently afraid of a growing able-bodied population wising up and challenging their authority.

      It’s all about control.


        Once they get people accustomed to this idea the next logical step will probably be ritualistic self-deletion by a certain age à la Logan’s Run.

        This essentially already exists.  But most people call it Nationalized Healthcare.

        I love Jimmy Dore because he is funny and I enjoy hearing opinions from another viewpoint that are not communicated via fist shaking and yelling.

        He always calls for “Medicare for all”.  I do not understand how he thinks that has any chance of success as he rails on about how the rest of the government is corrupt and self serving.

        But this seems to be a popular idea for some reason. It actually already exists, they call it the VA.  Ask a veteran how that works out for them.

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