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      I’m not a fan of the manga, but I do like the anime and this game is pretty damn good. I’m on the first part of chapter 6 and let’s say that it’s pretty crazy. That being said, the manga is really bad though, so I’d keep clear of it and stick to the anime. I know this isn’t going to happen, but after this I’d love to see a JRPG of Rave Master.


      I never seen the anime but i like JRPGS, so i’m considering getting this game after a price drop.

      I do remember Rave Master as a kid though. Great theme song. lol


      Um….the manga and the anime are the same. I read and watched both. It’s the same exact main story. I can understand anime being more fun to watch all the battles, but I fail to see your criticism of the manga, being that it is the exact source material for the anime.


        Censored, don’t patch the game if you want to keep panty shots (and who knows what else they censored)

        Fairy Tail Panty Shots Censored on All Platforms After Day 1 Update





        Mashima’s female character designs are some of the best out there. The man loves his fanservice and boobs.


          Yes, I know it’s the exact same story from the manga but I’m just saying if you want to know the story of Fairy Tail it’s better to watch the anime. You know how there are anime that can’t compare to the manga, well this is a case of the anime being better than the manga. I liked Rave Master better though.


            What I’m trying to say is that there are manga better than the anime, and anime better than the manga. Fairy Tail is in the latter.


            I cannot totally disagree that anime has many pros over manga when it comes to enjoyment, but I remain in disagreement that the Fairy Tail manga is bad. Considering I finished the story a good year or more before the anime even got there, that alone awards high marks. Mashima’s artwork is one of my favorites to date. Fairy Tail, Rave Master, Eden’s Zero. I’ve read them all and enjoy every stroke of his pen. The emotion he can invoke through the expressions of his characters is of the highest tier in my opinion.

            Waiting for anime to be made in order to finish stories can both be arduous and fruitless. Arduous because of the time it may take to wait to see an ending, and then possibly fruitless because a majority of current anime never finish the source material for a list of reasons. I could go on all day with great anime that stopped well short of the source material’s end, leaving no choice but to go to the manga.


            So relying on an anime to watch a franchise more often than not is a bad choice, I believe. And frankly, the only reason anime can be better, imo, is action and jiggly rather than drawn fanservice, and then there are times they cheap out on action animation, so it ends up being a waste to go that route.


            Now does that mean I don’t enjoy some versions more than others? No. I read Inuyasha when the anime abruptly ended, because at the time time there was no way to know we would get Final Act. Do I enjoy watching Inuyasha animated more? Yes, but the manga was not bad. It was simply the manga. Do I like Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood more than the manga? Yes, but again, the manga is not bad, it is simply the manga.


            But that’s just my opinion. I’ll trash a story if I don’t like it, but I’ll never say one version of something is entirely superior. No matter what, the stories are all the same. One does not tell it better, because it is all the same story…all the same beats…all the same moments. So, I do not see the difference.


              Fair enough.


              How approachable is this game for someone that doesn’t follow the series? I’ve been eying the game since its first announcement since it looks fun, but I’ve only watched a few episodes of the anime.


                They do tell you about what’s happened in the story in an archive type section you can access through the pause or Lucy’s room. If you want to know what’s happened before the game, you can read that to brush up on the story.


                @Bigfellah26 Yea, I am not sure what you mean by manga being worse than anime too. Anime adapts manga, not the other way around. First “Fairy Tail” series has ridiculous fillers and a big filler arc at the end. So just by that story in the manga is better.

                Um, I am not sure if saying that manga is better because its always ahead of anime is a good argument, because what if both are finished and anime faitfully adapted its manga? If you compare them then things like animation, music, voice acting give a lot better experience than reading. Would you really choose manga over anime then?

                You did mention “Fullmetal Alhemist Brotherhood” and you know we have other older “Fullmetal Alhemist” anime, right? If we compare that and manga, which is better? Would you really recommend watching that first than to read original manga? So stories are not always the same, there is a difference. Some form of telling a story can be better than the other.

                I think it would be better to say that manga just doesnt have fillers and offers a different experience. Fillers always ruin the whole anime for me and I drop them when they start those long meaningless arcs just to waste time. So more often than not stories in anime turns out not like the manga at all even those that follow it very faitfully up to certain point: “Death Note” anime have a bit different ending, in “Fullmetal Alhemist Brotherhood” they cut like first few volumes of the manga, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” manga ending is different etc. On top of everything anime can censor some stuff. I would just say that manga usually gives more definitive experience than anime at least in terms of story and also it takes a lot less time to read manga than to watch anime.


                I recently finally finished manga. I did watch anime back when it was airing but when fillers started airing I just couldnt take it and dropped it and started reading manga instead, but then I got tired of reading like 1 chapter per week and decided to wait until it was all finished. Well it took long enough. :D Now I guess will try to finish anime too. Cant say that “Fairy Tail” overall was good, but I did enjoy it and will check out the game at some point too. But price on that season pass and cencorship though…. So yea gonna wait for price drops or sales…

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