FallenOmegaStar plays Halo: Master Chief Collection

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    As it’s the 21st anniversary of Halo (later this year), I thought I’d go through the whole saga again. I don’t have anything particular or special to offer for my playthrough, just thought I may as well take this opportunity to record and share.

    Decided to go through the series in release order, starting with where it all began, Halo 1 with classic graphics. I didn’t play this game at launch, but I did get play PC version before grabbing an Xbox for Halo 2, so I have as much as nostalgia for what this franchise was as much as any other old-school fan.

    (Alternative watch on odysee).

    I’m pretty busy throughout the week, but I’ll try to keep a regular schedule of at least one level every weekend.


    Uploaded as a bonus:

    One aspect I enjoyed about Halo Anniversary was the inclusion of terminals. I personally love Halo lore, was heavily into the extended universe even during the Bungie days. These 2.5D animatics, which can be found sort of hidden in each campaign level in anniversary mode, were a great addition to the game, greatly expanding on the story and the character of 343 Guilty Spark and made for a nice break in between the action.


      Cool playthrough.  I find older game playthroughs a Zen like experience. I think it reminds me of being a kid.  I routinely watch Razerfist streams when he plays some of the hits of yesteryear. Someone needs to run through Wizardy 7.  That was the first RPG I ever played.  Still in love with it and it’s on Steam!


      Watch on odysee

      Same level as before, this time the whole thing on foot.

      Skip around to the ten minute mark if you want to see how to do a grenade jump. It’s tricky, but most people can do it with practice and just need timing and luck on their side.


      More achievement hunting, this time for assassinating all enemies in the opening of the third level without being detected:




      Watch on Odysee

      Pacifist run of the Silent Cartographer on Easy. Had to exercise a lot of self-restraint on this one lol.



      Watch on Odysee

      Even at the time of it’s release Halo was considered an amalgamation of sci-fi clichés of what came before, but one has to give Bungie credit for such top-notch presentation. Twenty years later this level is still one of the most effective twists in gaming, changing both the story’s tone and style of gameplay in one fell swoop. It changes everything you thought you knew about the game and executes it perfectly.

    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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