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    Hello everyone, I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. In this forum, I want to know everyone’s favorite college football team. It can be a FBS team and/or a FCS team. However, it must be a real college football team that you are a fan of. To start this forum, I am a Tennessee Volunteers fan. I know that we have been down for a while, but I appreciate the history of the program, the players of the program, and the coaches of the program. Now that you know my favorite college football team, I want to know your favorite college football team so that we can have discussions over the college football season.



    Miami. Didn’t go there nor have I ever even been in the state of Florida, but most of my favorite NFL players came from there. Back when they had that swagger they were a force to be reckoned with and so much fun to watch. They’ve been a shell of their former selves for some time now, but I still love them. For me, it’s all about the U.2020-06-29 20.37.45


    For me it’s all about the DAWGS! I went to UGA and am a diehard Georgia fan. This is arguably the pinnacle of our existence (it at least rivals the 1980-era under Vince Dooley). I do actually believe that Kirby Smart will lead us to that championship that always eluded us under Mark Richt. GO DAWGS!!!GeorgiaG


    Hello Bosskhogg, thank you for your reply. I have watched Miami football for a couple of years now and their fall from the elite is similar to my Tennessee Volunteers. I hope that our teams are able to come back some day, but we just have to wait and see. For now, at least we can enjoy the memories of the past and a history to be proud of.


    Hello again TheVinoJedi, thank you for your reply. Georgia is one of the best teams in college football currently. Not only that, but they have a storied history such as their 1980 national championship season. Compared to Tennessee and Miami, I believe that Kirby Smart will win a natty within the next five years or Georgia will find a coach to capitalize on the talent of the current roster. Mark Richt was a good coach, but he had problems with defeating ranked teams as his tenure progress.


    Ohio State Buckeyes



    Go POKES!

    Wyo Football


    Lifelong Alabama fan – Saban brought us back to greatness. I’ll miss Tua, but excited to see Bryce Young this season!



    RAMMER JAMMER! I’m also excited to see Bryce Young, but I’m also excited to see how much Mac improves.
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    Ohio State Buckeyes



    Ohio State Buckeyes




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