Favorite Mario Kart Tracks

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    All of Koopa Beach in Super Mario Kart in 1992.



    Ghost Valley Super Mario 1992





    Mario Kart 1992



    Mario Kart 1992



    Mario Kart 1992

    super mario kart img


    My favorite Mario Kart track is probably Waluigi’s Pinball from Mario Kart DSMK7_-_DS_Waluigi_Pinball


    I adore Cheep Cheep Beach (originally DS, but the one from MK8 is just incredible).
    Also, any Rainbow Road where you can show a bit of skills.
    From the current game (MK8), I love Mount Wario the most.


    I love all of the Bowser Castle in Mario Kart (SNES) 1992.

    Mario Kart 1992  (SNES) Donut Plains 2 Tracks

    Mario Kart 1992 (SNES) Choco Island 1  Tracks

    Mario Kart 1992 (SNES) All of Mario Circuit Tracks



    Battle Course 1 (SNES)

    Koopa Beach in the Super Mario Kart 1992

    Ghost Valley Super Mario Kart 1992

    Bowser Castle in 1992 (SNES) Mario Kart

    Ghost Valley Super Mario Kart 1992


    My favorites are:

    Airship Fortress

    Sunshine Airport

    DK Jungle

    The F-Zero tracks

    Coconut Mall

    Bowser’s Castle (N64, Wii)

    Koopa Cape

    Maple Treeway

    Rainbow Road (Wii, 7, 8)

    Delfino Square

    Wuhu Loop

    Yoshi Circuit

    DK Mountain

    Waluigi Pinball

    Royal Raceway

    Ribbon Road

    Bowser Castle 3 (GBA)

    Baby Park

    Mario Raceway

    Wario’s Gold Mine

    Grumble Volcano

    Mount Wario

    Rock Rock Mountain

    Toad Harbor


    I’m starting to really like Neo Bowser City now :)


    baby park and excitebike. love some short track action






Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 88 total)
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