Favorite Quiet Spots at Disney

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    Just wanted to share some of my favorite spots that I’ve found over the years. This is my favorite spot to watch the fireworks and enjoy a dole whip. Most people don’t walk on the boardwalk even on busy days. Most of the boardwalk is also shaded from the trees in the afternoon and since it’s so close to the water it’s usually a bit cooler.

    Map 1Riverboat night


    Another one of my favorite spots at Magic Kingdom is the wishing well next to the castle. Most people don’t use this path either so it’s a great spot for pictures. Unfortunately this spot isn’t shaded so it can get hot during the day.

    Disney Wishing wellMap 2


    This is two spots in one since they are so close to each other. The 2 pictures are from the red arrow, behind the Rose and Crown. If you’re lucky you can get a shaded table, but there aren’t very many of them so during meal times you will need to get lucky. The blue arrow is a great spot for pictures, most people just walk right past it. Unfortunately neither spot is shaded well so I wouldn’t stay long on hot days.

    Map 3Fish and ChipsRose and Crown view


    I love this spot, its well shaded and you can usually find seating. Its next to the Katsura Grill which usually doesn’t have long wait times. The landscaping and water features are especially well done here.

    Map 4Tea Garden Seating

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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