Favorite Rides That Stick Out to You As a Kid

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    While I do admit that I was a somewhat regular visitor as a kid back then, over time the prices kept getting insane and unaffordable.  Looking back there were some good rides that I enjoyed a lot.  However, as history would have it, I know that there were some other attractions that used to exist even before I was born that some people may recall.  The only one that I recall that was short lived was called Rocket Rods which only lasted for a few years (and as I found out through a Youtube video somewhere, there was a classic ride that some of you guys remember) [correct me if I’m wrong but I think there was a ride called People Movers or something along those lines].

    I would say that the two that stood out to me the most was Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye and obviously Star Tours.

    Which ones do you guys reflect fondly on when thinking back to that magical place?


      Let me take you on a Childhood Memory where all my memories of Yesterday are alive in my heart Thanks to Walt for them.

      I pretty much grew up at Disneyland Anaheim, going anywhere from 10 to 20 or more times a year, from at least 1975 through 1999. Had the great privilege to have had a few backstage tours including several by Marc himself, one just before his retirement and then one with him as part of a group as his guest in the late 80’s though that one was not as much a tour as it was a walk down memory lane.

      We or I, always tried to be there as the gates opened and had a set Morning to Lunch itinerary, as a local I learned the park and how to get as much of it “rides in” as possible even at its most crowded months and days.

      Country Bear Jamboree was always the first ride of the day, as when it was over there was a food stand near it and that was breakfast point. Next was on the Tom Sawyers Island and the Paddleboat and then on to Frontierland, the shooting gallery was the first stop followed by some of the shops and then back to the Keil Boats or the Columbia for a trip back to New Orleans Square.

      Upon arrival at the Square, Original Pirates with its look and Song I loved and made it my Lunch ride so when it was over (we/I) could have lunch at The Blue Bayou. Next is without doubt Haunted Mansion, I was able to get tours and learn deep history and the Mansion is probably the ride with the most history. In fact one of my avatars is Hat Box Ghost, Marc himself gave me a tour when I was a teenager and I asked to see the ghost. But that is a secret im taking to my grave. I can point out the Bullet hole in the ride and where Mickey is, well I use to anyway no clue if they are still there, it’s been over 20 years. Still love the Ghost and all the History behind the Mansion.  Then a quick ride on The Paddle-wheeler, (this ride is very dear to me, it was the place of my parents first date and picture together 1966, which I have). I like to think that wish they made upon a star paid off with so far 53 years.

      From there it was to the Train and a trip around the Park to scope out the crowds as to where to go next. The train was a secret in itself, It had elevation in the right places to see how the crowds were compacted at certain areas and if you knew this you could simply ride it one full trip and then make your stop at a lower crowding area on the second pass.

      Anyway, normally after lunch it was Fantasyland or Tomorrowland, I always hoped for Fantasyland First had to be Small World because it had the worse lines. Then to some of the Classic Disney story rides.

      If the park was not packed I typically tried to get on “The Skyway to Tomorrowland” Funny story, it was the ride that got me kicked out of Disneyland and also how I learned they had cameras “EVERYPLACE” even in the 1980’s,  also they would not give copies of the tape out. That also got me in trouble with the young lady I was dating back then for asking for a copy of it LMAO. Side Note: Knott’s Berry Farm security wont either but were much more understanding of kids being kids and did not kick us out, just warned us they had cameras and could see everything. Pretty cool security guard, just pulled us aside and told us, and then said “Have a little less fun at the Park kids”


      After that it was to the Infamous Skyway to Tomorrowland. There it was a grab what you could, “Mission to Mars” was normally first. People mover itself was not so much a ride as a way to get people around, and to get some pretty cool views. Normally we would head to “Inner Space” that ride creeped me out. From there to Space Mountains (in the dark).  Liberty Hall I loved the show “Lincoln” was my favorite, there was also “America the Beautiful”

      After that it was Jungle Cruise, This ride late in the day as evening approached was so much fun, smaller crowds and better feel. Then to Swiss Family house the Tiki Bar and back to Pirates and Dinner at The Bayou.

      Jump the train back to Main Street Station and the shops, followed by the Parade and Fireworks. You want to drive Disney staff nuts? Move a trash can a few feet. Fun Fact they are placed EXACTLY 30ft apart. Walt Himself was the reason for this watching the park from his Apartment. Ever notice in most theme parks there is a broadcast to NOT LITTER or Remember to Place your trash in a Trash Can. Walt refused to change people but instead choose to play to their behavior.

      There are many other rides that come to mind, 20,000 leagues was another fun ride “Now Nemo”. Bad move IMO should have kept it and put Nemo as its own ride, some of the originals needed to and need to stay. Mr Toad was always fun and well the TEA-Cups were very special as a teenager if you and your friends managed to sneak in a beverage of choice.

      It is amazing all these decades later I can remember so many of my childhood and young adult life there. I know there are other rides I can picture but do not recall their names. I do not know if I will ever make it back, partly because I want my memories to live and not be altered by what I know it’s become. I was blessed to have grown up in its younger years when it was still very much under the influence of Waltz Dream and his Brother “Roy” and then Donn.

      Great thread, got me remembering many wonderful memories of my youth, Thank You.

      So for me my favorite Ride, Wow hard one but will go with The Mansion, the Ghost or Randall Pace will always have a special place in my heart.


      My favorite ride as a kid was Test Track at Epcot. Not for any particular reason other than it was super fast. I had never gone that fast before and as a five year old I loved it. Today, my favorite ride is Carousel of Progress. Its a slow moving ride that shows the typical American family going through time talking about all the technological innovations of the respective era. Though it definitely needs an update, I just love the concept, and its also the only ride at Walt Disney World that Walt built himself (though it definitely has been changed)


      Oh man….I may have to embarrass myself a bit.  I was a big chicken when it came to thrill rides at parks when I was a kid.  I didn’t go on them until I was older.  I do  remember my Dad taking me on Carousel of Progress and I have fond memories of that.  I also loved the dark rides…Peter Pan, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Snow White’s Scary Adventures to just name a few, were ones I was real excited to go on.  Probably my favorite, and still is one of my favorites, is Pirates of the Caribbean.  The sad thing is that when Disney feels the need to change the rides or pull them altogether.  Some rides are really in need of a spruce up but I hate that parts of my childhood and even history are being taken down.


      Since I lived in CA and NV for the first 44 years of my life, all of my favorite childhood rides were at Disneyland. My favorite rides as a kid were the People Mover in Disneyland, Matterhorn, and Space Mountain in Disneyland. Since moving to Winter Garden 2 years ago, I would have to say my favorite rides at WDW are Rock’N Roller Coaster, Rise of the Resistance, and The People Mover.


      I LOVE Disney’s Philharmagic <3

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