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    In video games, there is a character or two that keeps us going throughout the entire story of the game. Which character is your favorite in your favorite video game or any video game in general? Which video game character had the best character development within a single video game or a video game franchise? Let’s have a discussion in this forum here.


    Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, & Albert Wesker are my favorites in the Resident Evil series for the simple reason that they’re just cool characters in my opinion.


    The Arkham games batman


      Lara Croft or Ezio Auditore


        Also Connor in Assassin’s Creed 3 had a pretty well developed story. That might be a unpopular opinion but it’s really one of the better games when it comes to telling a story. It should be made into a live action movie.


        It’s-a me, Mario


        Hello Jaidabecca, thank you for your reply. I like your favorite characters and your reasoning for why you like them. What other video games do you like outside of Resident Evil series? The Resident Evil series is a good horror series of video games.


        Hello Darth_Vader1, thank you for your reply. Your favorite character is my childhood hero growing up so I appreciate the selection. Why do you like Batman from the Arkham series? What is your favorite Arkham series game?


        Hello again, DisneySucksBalls. I like your favorite character selections. Based upon your reasoning, you like well developed characters with well written stories. I appreciate you explaining that to us. What do you enjoy most about the stories of Assassin’s Creed 3 and the Tomb Raider franchise?


        Hello Mario_zeroSOY, thank you for your reply. I like your favorite character and he is a classical character to the Nintendo world. Why do like Mario? What is your favorite video game of Mario?


        theaniamtedgamers the reasons why I like Batman from the Arkham games is that

        1. He’s voiced by Kevin Conroy

        2. If Batman really did exist that’s how I always imagined him to be like

        3. The Arkham games are very special to me I grew up with them I love Arkham City so much that made me realize Kevin Conroy’s Batman is the best Batman. I also love his Batman from the Batman TAS New Batman Adventures, and Justice League, and JLU.


        Cloud Strife FF7 was the game that made me an RPG fan.



        Hello again, Darth_Vader1, thank you for getting back with me. I really like Kevin Conroy’s voice as Batman. I grew up with his voice being the definitive Batman voice because I watched Batman: the Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited as a child. I have not played the Arkham games but I have always been interested in playing these games because of Batman. What are your other favorite video games that you enjoy?


        Hello JoeStife10, thank you for your reply. Cloud Strife is an amazing selection to have as a favorite character. I was introduced to him in the Kingdom Hearts series and got Final Fantasy 7 Remake to experience his story for the first time. I also like his weapon as a buster sword because it fits his merchant persona. Outside of Kingdom Hearts, I watched Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children and enjoy his character  and role within the movie. What other RPG characters do you enjoy?


        Mario really captures that european working man characteristic, being humble yet very competitive but still kind of a blank slate in a way. He is imo very relatable, but more so this perfect boyscout role model and a TRUE ICON.

        My favorites of his mainline games are Super Mario Sunshine & Galaxy👌

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