First official image for Godzilla vs. Kong

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    Some artwork related to toy packaging was released, and it’s got me hyped!   Too bad this is still 10 months away :(  What do ya’ll think?



      I love this version of Godzilla, he looks just like my cat 🦎🐱💖


      The sizing doesn’t look right. Godzilla in this universe is much much bigger than that.


      And I know there is some bullshit how they are loring it up that Kong can grow to be as big as Godzilla, but I still think it’s horseshit that Kong would ever have a chance against Godzilla. The 1960’s movie was so dumb where they had to give Kong the power to summon and shoot lightning from his fingers in order to beat Godzilla. I always hated that movie, so I’m going into this with a level of hesitation if they steer it towards a Kong win, because Godzilla’s strength and skill set should have him totally overpower Kong.


      The only way I feel like it could be worth it in the end is if they have to work together to fight Mecha-King Ghidora or Gigan invades and joins Mecha-King Ghidora.


        😸 Thor Kong 🐵⚡ the ape of thunder


          Love, love, love Godzilla. This universe is terrific…


          Zilla’s head is too small.


          Kong is gonna win this because FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD! Godzilla would fucking DECIMATE Kong but look at last time, they had to have Kong win because that’s what Hollywood wanted. Fuck off.


          I’d rather watch Inhumanoids cartoon from the 80’s than this crap.

        Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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