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    Hello There!

    (Since there is currently not a Blog area available, I’ll post this here.)

    In the Mandalorian Season 1, we’re presented with a scene that was weak and missed an incredible opportunity. In the following, I want to offer the solution to the one scene that would have saved the Mandalorian from it’s own flaws and poor storytelling, and would have set up a much better plot line for the following season.
    I remember hearing years ago something that blew my mind on the concept of the Mandalorians. It all goes back to Star Wars Episode II. The theory goes that Jango was the last of the Mandalorians, he felt cheated and lost, turning to bounty hunting for a living. Having seen the last of his order die to war, he is all that remains. Having never completed his training, he has mixed messages he starts to teach Boba Fett. “Remember Boba, you are not a clone like the others, you are my son, my own flesh and blood. In you, our Order lives on. In you, Mandalor will rise again.” When Jango dies, Boba falls into bad company, and eventually ends with him on Tatooine. Having survived the Sarlacc Pit, Boba is plagued with memories of his father’s teachings, and becomes obsessed with fulfilling the dream passed on to him. Sensing age coming on, he realizes he’s wasted a lifetime, and so he scours the galaxy for any information on the old Mandalorian Order, eventually training new members of the New Mandalorian Order.  He spends most of his time as a bounty hunter still, realizing the money is needed to fund the Order. When he returns, he realizes like his father before him, he’s lost his way, and it’s time to show others a New Way.

    Now, I wanted to explore what it would be like to “Fix” the Mandelorian.  Below is how I would have ended the first Season of the Mandelorian instead of how Disney did it.  I plan to do more of these “corrections” in the future, so hopefully the blogs are working again soon.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this concept!


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    •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •Mandelorian Season 1_Concept

    The Mandalorian walked back to the hideout to see the pile of Mandalor helmets in the hallway, shock and fear filled his mind. Scorch marks show where heavy weapons had been used to penetrate the armor, but even so, the deflections showed only head-on shots had broken through. His companions are about to speak when they hear the sound of footsteps coming from the forging room. He un-clips his blaster and prepares to draw, but he stayed his hand as another Mandalorian exits the room, and places the helmet of the Armorer on top of the pile. He recognized the armor in an instant as someone he had not seen since he was young. Boba Fett. “It’s been a long time kid.”
    Mando looked on as if he had seen a ghost. “I thought you were dead.”
    “I’m not dead yet. I was… keeping my distance, least my dark past should color my apprentice’s future.” He touched the Armorer’s helmet. “But it would seem I’ve kept my distance for too long. Far too long. But never again.”
    “Do you know what has happened to them?”
    Boba takes up his blaster and checks the charge, then swaps out the cartridge. “There will be a time to talk about that later. For now, we need to get off planet.” For the first time, Boba notices Grogu. “Is it under your protection?”
    “Very well.”
    The sound of Stormtroopers is heard in the passageway.
    Mando looks at the pile of helmets and then down the passage.
    Boba takes off his helmet and listens for a moment, then he turned back to Mando. “Leave with the kid, I’ll finish cleaning up here.”
    Mando is a bit shocked the bounty hunter would show his face, but realizes the pressing situation at hand. He protests. “We’ve seen their numbers, you won’t survive.”
    Boba smiled. “Believe me kid, I’ve survived worse.” He placed his helmet back on his head. “Now go. I’ll find you as soon as I can. I’ll need you for what I’m about to do.” The old bounty hunter turned and started to walk away.
    Mando stops him. “And what’s that?”
    Boba stopped and glanced over his shoulder. “To show others The Way.” He turned again and walked off.
    Mando takes Grogu back to the ship and he ignites the engines. As the craft takes off and flies away, Slave I is seen in the distance. Unsure about Boba’s situation, he passes overhead as he gains altitude. He can see Fett below, wasting dozens of troopers with swift purposeful motions. His attacks are direct and powerful, not putting on a show or playing around, he is far too proficient for that.
    “Remember kid,” Mando’s memory flashes back to his childhood as he sees Boba fighting, “we are an order of warriors that were brought low through our pride. You and I, we’re part of a rebirth.” Fett’s blaster empties and he holsters it and pulls out a silver blaster. “The galaxy’s forgotten about us. They’ve forgotten the code we live by. Even the refugees of Mandalor have forgotten. Like the Jedi, we’ve passed out of memory, and now we must build anew.” Boba see’s the commander pull out a high-power rifle. “We will not get it right the first time.” The Commander takes a shot that hit’s the shoulder armor from Boba. “Nor the second.” A second blast knocks Boba to the ground. “But if we stay the course, we will find our footing, and like our fathers before us, we’ll make out way through the universe,” Boba blasts his rockets and reaches the Commander, he takes the weapon from him and turns it around on his opponent and fires.  “And we will rediscover The Way.”


    Season 3 trailers out there. I have not been following. Some good starship chases. Jedi in a hallway.


    No Gina, no care.


      @Maverick : It’s not the fault of the people making the show at what happened with Gina. John Faveau fought to stop her from being fired. It was the upper idiots who set in offices living on fear and coffee all day who fired her, like Kathleen Kennedy. Carl Weathers and a few of the other actors have been against it as well.

      I am looking forward to Mando 3. I enjoyed the previous two seasons.

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