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      I wanted to post about this after I had time to stew on it and form a personal opinion.

      I think it is absolutely awesome and cool to speak to people of different viewpoints.  That used to be normal and natural.  And it should be made so again.

      However when people discuss different opinions they should be delivered with some modicum of respect.  Gavin I felt was very disrespectful in his delivery.

      Now, CLEARLY, what happened with exposing himself was sophomoric and deranged.

      (exposing yourself to a bunch of dudes is weird enough but with ladies in the room that is absolutely disrespectful.)

      I used to follow Gavin and used to enjoy his viewpoints around the time when he was on “The Rebel” and some time after.  But dude has lost his mind apparently.  You don’t go on someone else’s show who has invited you in good faith and insult them and their audience with words AND actions.

      I think FNT handled his poor attitude properly and professionally.



      I never heard of him before Friday’s stream and I don’t care to follow him after it either.

      Having said that, he doesn’t have to be “respectful” in the way that you believe.

      Gary summed it up in a couple of post FNT videos. The guy’s a punk rocker, an anarchist. He’s done sh!t like that before and it was always a risk bringing him on.

      When he started his antics the first person to step in and put him in his place was Jeremy. After that some of the others started being a little brave. But as the stream wore on it became increasingly clear they were never going to control him.

      Even after they bounced him, you could see that almost everyone was still in shock and it was Ryan who stepped up to get the stream back on track.

      Honestly I enjoyed the show, it was a departure from regular FNT fare and I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. The farting bit was funny and the fake little wee-wee was surprising. Not saying this should be a regular occurrence, but it’s good to shake things up once in a while.

      As for Gavin, he is what he is and that’s all that he is – says Popeye the Sailor man…lol.











        No, he doesn’t HAVE to be respectful but not doing so makes anyone who disagrees feel insulted and disrespected.  And that is a sure fire way for someone not to understand your point of view.

        Now maybe he did not care at all about getting his viewpoint across and just wanted to be insulting.  If that was his game then job well done.

        I have followed Gavin for a long time.  He is known for being silly and wild but he has gone to this insanity arc where he seems to think to get clicks or whatever he has to be nuts and now is no longer insightful like he used to be.  While the “wang show” was a new low he has done some other crazy shenanigans recently on the Alex Stein show so maybe this is not surprising.

        The guy used to have some interesting things to say but now he seems to be all about the shock and nothing else.


          He was 3-4 beer’s deep when he “pulled it out” as well. I was watching live. So, he can’t say Alcohol isn’t a negative influence. because clearly it is. I found the entire thing beyond childish.

          For a guy who says “Spider-Man is for kids” but then farts into a microphone and pulls his (fake) willy out, and then runs off like a coward…..I call that utter hypocrisy. That IS what a KID would do. Not a grown man. He ruined his own argument by what he did. Flat out.

          Everyone laughing was a bit odd to me when he “pulled it out”, because I didn’t find it funny. At all.

          It’s not anyone’s fault on FNT, can’t blame them. Gary has it the hardest because it is his show. But, I am glad Az chose to not join that episode, I think it could have gotten ugly because Az can’t stand Gavin.


            “He ruined his own argument by what he did. Flat out.”

            This is a good point.  You cannot in a valid manner accuse others of being childish when you act more childish then they do.  It’s really no different than trying to win an argument by being louder.  Your point just ends up being nonsense.


            He’s a 52 year old “edgy” hipster acting like a fratboy, while lecturing people on what is childish.  He is as embarrassing  and lacking in self-awareness as 64 year old Madonna dressed up like a 16 year old Britany Spears.


              That is a very valid perspective.

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