Former NBA Player Thinking About Identifying As A Woman

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    Former NBA Player Thinking About Identifying As A Woman

    Former NBA big man Enes Kanter has not held back from sharing his opinion on a number of topics, including many that are out of the sports world.

    Like many “sports” figures, who talk more about politics/social agendas and not about SPORTS.

    “Men don’t belong in women’s spaces. Restrooms – Locker Rooms or Sports,” he wrote on Twitter.

    “Since I’m blackballed from the @NBA, should I put on a wig, identify as a woman and start dominating the @WNBA?

    “Is that when the outrage will begin? Is that fair to all the women who spent their whole life chasing their goals? Where are all the Women Rights Activists and Feminists?!”

    Most of them so far are all FOR allowing men to talk away females from woman’s sports/places, because that is part of the extremely toxic far alt left’s agenda/narrative.

    Maybe if both he and LeBrony Jamie join the wnba, they might finally make money for the league after being a money loser for the nba.

    And for all those leftoids who can’t define what a woman is, maybe LeBrony already is one.


      This is a social sickness at this point. An intentional poisoning of civilization.  We need to stop attacking it from the perimeter and hit it at source from which it springs.

      It’s a waste of time to argue with people whom are emotional ideologs that have zero problem with hypocrisy so long as it causes their side to “win”.

      I honestly think the only way to win the game is to refuse to play it and educate everyone else with as many facts and tethers to logic and reality as we can muster.




      Haha 😂 I was just thinking this. Why cant men just accept that their sporty career is over? That’s what this is. They’re hiding behind a disgusting ideology that berates and utterly harms women. Granted, women’s basketball is absolutely trash (especially with Commie What’s her face getting traded for that Russian arms dealer), but women should only compete against women. If you got nuts and bolts, get better or get a normal job.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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