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    I have no idea how so many unqualified people with clearly huge mental issues get so many jobs today, especially in the entertainment industry.

    We see these lunatics not only in gaming but also in hollywood, on tv, in comics, in tech… it’s crazy… they don’t know what they talk about, they just want to destroy stuff (our stuff) and be a victim, promote division, hate, etc.


    The other day she even said Playstation is like a deadman walking… like… 2021 was not a great year for sony… but come on… Playstation is still pretty huge and, imo, still better than xbox lol but even if some people think xbox is better, neither one is a dead man walking…


    Chrissie Mayr is a stand-out talent. I didn’t think that much of her as a comic, but as a character actress and show hostess, she totally excels. If there was any justice, Mayr should be on SNL or G4 herself, or some kind of show. Chrissie really stays in character. The fans seemed to love the last FNT. The thing is, does Chrissie even care about TV? Would not surprise me if she gets better ratings on her own.

    Comments on the Ryan video are pointing out that Frosk is not even a gamer and has no business there. Gamer fans said that her basic facts were wrong. I do not have a TV, so am not with it anymore and, at first glance, I thought Frosk was Machine Gun Kelly.


    Didn’t she not get confused about X-Box being Sony at one point? Even none gamers are aware that XBox is Microsoft 🙄…I’m also fully aware- like everyone else- that ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ ISN’T an XBox exclusive. Hence why I got this laptop a year and a half ago in order to be able to play it in case it wasn’t available on PS4 (which it is).

    Remember the people that bullied you for playing on Pokemon on your GameBoy Colour and saying that gaming isn’t popular back in the day (speaking from experience here)? That’s them now trying to fit in and be cool because they won’t admit to the simple fact that they’re wrong🙄.


    From what I have been told, she is a script reader (not a gamer).

    An activist, not a gamer.

    A loud mouth (I need attention), not a gamer.

    Opinionated, but not informed.



    I posted this on another topic a while back but I thought I’d repost it since it’s kinda appropriate for this one:


    It probably accomplished what she was aiming for. People talking about her on social media.  Until this story broke a few days ago, I had zero idea that G4 was even back in any way, and I had never even heard of this awful woman.  She went on this tirade specifically to get youtubers to notice her and make videos about her. The old Sarkeesian grift.


    Chrissie Mayr. She really made a name for herself online. She has become a great online brand personality.


    Best thing I’ve woken up to in a long time LOL!

    I’m amazed that Wikipedia allowed this!


      I’t seems that Frosk is not a biological female. IDK why nobody is mentioning that, are they afraid of being labelled transphobes?



        I am sick of seeing her open mouthed face plastered across all media. Utterly sick of it!!!

        Every time I go to Youtube someone has made a new video about her and this stupid event. Enough already. She is an UGLY person, not just on the outside. Stop giving her the attention she wanted, and is now bragging about.


        Looks up claim above and there is no direct answer. Some imbecile said something about genderless. I can’t believe people went willingly along with these lies. Went along with their own brainwashing. This is one of many reasons I no longer tune in to entertainment. Anything like this I naturally avoid.


          Chrissie Mayr’s impression was comedy gold in a world that has outlawed laughter.  What a rare gem.

          What was Frosk doing?  Nothing but trying to rage bait for clicks, that’s all.  The sad part is it worked.


          Owen Benjamin & Chrissie Mayr Podcast | Wednesday February 9, 2022

          Only posting cuz it’s Chrissie. Her impressions are great and she does not even do them during her stand-up.


          Ryan says they re-branded to X-Play? It’s a better name. Anyone who takes media scalps is someone I look up to, so thank you Ryan and crew for exposing and mocking them. After all this happened, I saw some of the old G4 clips and could see why everyone liked Olivia Munn. Just the change over time shows you have far media has sunk. The comments on Ryan’s video are insightful. Fans of GnG and Nerdrotic are very lucid. Such a difference when you have people like Gary who thrive on engagement.

          G4TV Is DEAD! | Admit FAILURE After Frosk’s Attack On Fans DESTROYED Channel – Shows Get Cancelled!

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