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    I love watching S W A T but it is becoming a total sjw cluster fuck just like everything else. Well I made this meme which sums up my feelingsFuck The King


    Dude, I never even bothered with that show as soon as they started talking about what it was going to be about before its first episode ever aired. It had race virtue signaling agenda written all over it.



    I have quit watching just about anything on TV because of all the SJW, virtue signaling, etc. My wife was watching 911 a few weeks ago and I had to walk away in disgust when I saw them wearing masks.


    This is what has put me off from getting comics from 2016 onwards. The last comics I got from Marvel were the Magneto solo series and Loki solo series and the last that I got from DC was the ‘Grayson: Agent of Spiral’ series (a bit PC but not in your face which I can tolerate). Any I do get I have to make ABSOLUTLY CERTAIN that it’s from before 2016.

    As for TV, you should add the BBC on that list as well. Especially after what they’ve done to Doctor Who. I’m guessing that it’s only going to be a matter of time before they do it to ‘Peaky Blinders’ as well. Heck I just heard the other day that there was a rumour flying around that the only reason that they cancelled the last series of ‘Robot Wars’ was because it wasn’t “diverse” enough!


    I am finding more and more friends coming to me asking what “Oldies” to watch.

    I point them to first the true Giants in film, 1939 to 1960ish. Anything with Errol Flynn era not so much for him but I get a kick out of seeing my gramps in them. Then I tell people 80’s movies. Truthfully in the 70’s disco put me off so many film, that music needs to stay dead!

    There is thousands of movies and tv shows you have probably never watched, or seen in years worth watching, you can get many of them via the Net and Download to a flashdrive to plug in to your TV. The other Option is INDY or YOUTUBE creators….. I really do not understand why G&G has not put together some Audio-reads of some of the classics. I would listen to them especially if accompanied by some good artwork. Talent is here.

    Anyway lots of alternatives to the crap out here today, when ratings plummet change might happen.


    I liked Dallas and I finished it.


    I swear, 2004 was the last time things were normal which is why we had Team America in theaters. Things have been going downhill ever since then but it wasn’t noticeable until 2012 (or 2015 for most).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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