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      Just posting this for fun.

      There are 2 things releasing next week I am looking forward too.

      -On the 13th I believe the new AMD 7900 series GPU’s release.  I need a new GPU pretty bad and I hope these stay at MSRP or maybe even lower so I can possibly get one.  Nvidia is just to dang expensive.

      -On the 14th comes the free Witcher 3 “Next Gen” upgrade.  Looking forward to see how that looks but due to my weak GPU I might not be able to take full advantage but I have to see.  I plan to finish the game with this in place.  I checked and my old save games are indeed still there.



        The AMD 7900 is still going to be $800+ for the lower end. You can get good Nvidia’s for that price and lower now.  The prices have come down a bit. I personally wouldn’t go with any Radeon GPU. I had one once long ago and it was a hassle because stuff wasn’t as compatible like they are with Nvidia. I had to do a lot of tweaking.

        I need to build a new PC myself, mine is heading on 7yrs old now. But, building the same thing I built in 2016 in comparison to now is a huge difference in how much things cost now. To equate to the $1200 I spent on my hand built PC back then it would be $3000 now. So, i’m going to wait until next year. Pre-built PC’s are utter garbage too imo. Even Meta PC’s, just not good options. Too restricting in what they offer. I think it is ridiculous people get a new PC for $2000 but it only has 700w power supply. Seriously?  Every decent PC needs At least 1200w imo. Always get a larger power supply so you never overload your PC. Always.


          Prices for GPUs, ESPECIALLY Nvidia are very high.  Yes a 7900 will be $800-$1000 but in Nvidia land you are talking up to $1600 and that’s MSRP.  Actual prices will be higher (closer to 2k for a 4090, probably 1500 for a 4080).  AMD being somewhat less popular will have more sane pricing.

          There is nothing wrong with AMD GPUs.  They are not at all less compatible.  There are some specific things you can do better with Nvidia that relate to media production and video transcoding. But beyond that they are fine.  My last few CPUs and GPUs are AMD.  I mostly game and they do great there.  I so some transcoding stuff but what I do AMD is fine there too.

          Now if I were a YouTuber or film person doing heaving transcoding and a lot of production then yes I would have an Nvidia GPU.  But for me and most folks that is not the case.

          Ironically, back in the 90’s/early 2k you could build a PC cheaper than off the shelf and get a better PC.  Now it costs more to build it but you get a MUCH better PC when you do.  I am with you on the off the shelf stuff, never cared for them.  I have always built my own.

          “Every decent PC needs At least 1200w imo”

          Not true at all in my opinion.  I mean, sure there will be cases where it is needed especially if you have a 4090 but that’s overkill for most.  Although I will admit we are creeping in that direction.

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            I read an article that a 7900 popped up on Amazon for sale $100 above MSRP.  Not a good sign but we will see soon enough I guess.


            Quite true. AMD are great for gaming, but you can run into some problems with them if you’re doing stuff like CAD, video editing, or any AI functions in some of the newer video and graphic applications. Nvidia is overpriced, but definitely more usefull for artists.
            But for gamers, yeah go for it. Kudos to AMD for bringing the fight to Intel and Nvidia.

            btw any recommendations for a shop where one can order a ready made high quality PC that doesn’t skimp on the individual components?



              Those are probably few and far between man.  It’s always best to build your rig if you can because you can select every component.  That’s what I have always done but then again I enjoy the process.  But some folks just want a reliable PC without the shenanigans of building so I get that.


                I am all about AMD for CPU, in fact I have never own an Intel and never will. Intel always runs hotter, and I don’t want that. But for a graphics card, a big no for Radeon. As I said, I had one years ago and it was a huge hassle continually, especially for games. I have been with Nvidia ever since.

                I do photography and photoshop so I need something decent.

                I fully disagree about power supply. Having a smaller wattage power supply puts more strain on it. It’s always best to go over what you need, and it also makes for upgrades being fine as well. I will not buy anything smaller than 1200, ever.

                I have been seeing nice (not crappy) Nvidia cards for $800 on places like Newegg or Tiger Direct.

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