GA Representative calls Michelle Obama a man.

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      Not joking.   A Georgia representative literally just called Michelle Obama a man.



      P.S.  (Smith is a parody account.  But a ton of people are taking it seriously.)




        Well that’s it, it’s on twitter so we have the proof now.

        Now we need the proof that Obama was a secret Saudi prince.


        Strange. I’m pretty sure I already posted this.36572645_10212616148463976_2760288314777927680_n


        He has broader shoulders than Obama.


        He’s not wrong.


        Ive been saying that shit for a decade or more


        I guess it was right about when Obama was running to get re-elected that there were a bunch of videos on YT that read “Watch this before it gets deleted!”  “Or watch this before you vote!”

        It was videos of Michelle Obama back when she was in college.  BURNING FLAGS.


        Now this one, I dunno if it’s anything real, or my eyes are playing tricks on me.  It’s a dance that Michelle was doing with Ellen Degenerate.

        Start paying close attention to the groin area, around 0:40.  Right after the commentator says they had to stop, because Michelle’s MIC fell off.  (Rumor has it that Michelle’s original name was Michael, which makes it even more ironic!)  Is it my imagination, or is there something down there hanging to the right leg?  (Mirrored, that’s on the left side, in the video).




        Michelle Obaman


        I think you meant Michael Obaman


        That's a peepee

      Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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