Games Workshop bends the knee and tells customers and fans to piss off

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    “If you question a very hypocritical movement, the SJW Commnist Overlords, our upcoming products, and our insincere virtue signaling GET OUT! WE DONT WANT YOU AND YOU WONT BE MISSED!”

    On top of the virtue 9th Edition Warhammer 40k has been very hit and miss for people while Age of Sigmar is still Age of Shitmar despite changes that made that trash game playable. GW just revealed they only have 10 people play testing 9th, and want people to test out their game after they fork the money over the final products. Some Youtubers aren’t happy with this bit of information. 5 passed since Shitmar came out, and it’s still a mediocre skirmish game with really, really shitty lore (No really, it’s terrible).  Due to people attacking them for virtue signaling and people having concerns and questions about 9th Edition, Games Workshop deleted all the visitor posts, and then blended their own posts with the visitor section before they finally took out the visitor section (Naughty Dog did this too). I’m banned from their FB page for calling out their virtue signaling a couple of times (They didn’t like the brand meme lol). Youtubers who criticized GW’s virtue signaling like ArchWarhammer and Gamza are being targeted and attacked by extreme lefitsts on a reddit sub forum called Age of Sigmarxism (yes, it’s real. It is pure cringe).  The leftists and sjws are now trying to cancel Warhammer Youtubers, and push more of their agenda into the hobby.

    Aside from the woke drama GW made for itself, GW pissed more poeple off by raising all of their prices after the pandemic lockdown, and a special model they made to help hobby shops with GW accounts survive was a total disaster (It’s based on Dillon from Predator). GW promised to give out a limited run model to hobby shops affected by Corona-Chan, but a lot of stores didn’t get this model. The few who did sold it for some insane prices, but scalpers made the most money hogging the profits for themselves. Someone needs to give GW the memo they’re a NON-ESSENTIAL business like the comic book pros.

    Don’t worry, Games Workshop. We won’t miss putting out $80 for a small plastic soldier with a very bad plastic mold that came from Communist China. We won’t miss how you put little or no effort into balancing your games let alone your lack of support for side games like Blood Bowl, Warcry, and Necromunda.

    If you want a laugh look up the Primaris ATV model in the upcoming 9th Edition. It looks like a Mario Kart model, and the design is so stupid.




    The citadel paints are ok. Once moved to dropper bottles. With bearings for shakers.

    Ive never found any of their figures worth the retarded prices they charge. I think the only thing I have is their 3 spirit thing that I should have painted before assembly. Tried to upload a photo but the site claimed its too bag…


    It’s been….a good 18 years since I spent any money on GW products.


    They just sealed the deal that I’ll never get back into minis again, probably, at least using their merch.


    Ive always been a D&D fantasy player so when Im looking for minis I go reaper most of the time. Im still kind of pissed that WotCrack killed Ral partha when they bought out TSR. They had the only licensed Dragonlance minis and thats my go to setting.


    The model prices don’t justify the terrible mold quality at all, and their paints are still hit and miss (those caps they use are absolutely dreadful). If the gaps I had to cover with putty/green stuff didn’t bother me, it would be the detail that would mysteriously disappear when you’re priming and painting models (I know it sounds weird, but after priming a Shitmar troll head manually, I can’t even find the eyes on the troll). GW also has some very weird obsession with movement poses and stepping on something poses, yet half of the models can barely stand up.


    I dropped GW when Matt Ward took a shit on both Fantasy and 40k (Ward is one of the many reasons why GW sucks, and people hate the Space Marines).  I followed Shitmar, which was a total mess in 1.0 (Shitmar 1.0 was when sjws began to infiltrate GW by getting them to remove Slaanesh, and focusing on “diverse Sigmahreens” for a while), and GW realized no one liked Shitmar 1.0 and sjws weren’t giving them money; so they added point rules, and brought back Fantasy armies people wanted to use while balancing the newer Shitmar armies that were trash in 1.0 (1.0 was literally Sigmahreens and Chaos of the month*). It really looked like GW was trying to listen to their fans, but I was wrong. GW is going back to their antics, and now they got sjws doing their gatekeeping. GW will not be missed.


    *Unless you were Slaanesh. We can’t trigger Fornite kids and sjws now, can we?


    WarHammer is for everyone.  Unless you don’t bow down before us and say what we want to hear.

    You’re not welcome!

    That is fine. I have not felt welcome around these places for some time now.  Everything I do is private with my groups of friends who I know and trust.

    I wouldn’t spend a dime on any of this non sense.  I can make my own molds and produce my own figures at this point.

    Thing is we don’t need you either.  But good job in shooting yourself in foot Grimdark.  You claim everyone is welcome, yet in the same breath you cast out more than half of your player base.  You call us racists or bigots, when that is clearly just a big lie.

    Never known of a KKK member playing Warhammer.  These people lost their minds some time back.

    If you don’t kowtow to them you to can be a racist bigot.

    Go fuck yourself Grim and take Warhammer and shove it up your ass.


    What’s really disappointing to see was how Games Workshop not only closed the gates on their “trolls,” but also on anyone who was legitimately concerned or had questions about 9th Edition. That’s not really listening to the community and players. That’s a company being butt-hurt because people aren’t giving them asspats like they used to. Players are like “Wtf” finding out GW can’t bother to hire more than 10 people to play test their games knowing they still make money off their customers. That’s why most armies run like shit after the release. You’re doing their job by buying the first run that was play tested half-assed with shitty Space Marines and Nucrons.

    With sjws trying to cancel Warhammer Youtubers, I won’t be surprised if there’s a Hobbygate or PlasticSoldierGate if there isn’t one already. In a way hobby shops are like the comic book stores because they asked for their downfall, and only a few people have the balls to call out companies like Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast. Those who call them out get attacked by fanboys and sjws pretending to support WoTC and GW.


      And then they wonder why people vote for govts that promise to regulate big tech and other industries more, companies should be forced to be neutral ground, freedom of speech is for the individual person, not a corporate entity. And yes I know there is a law that grants a corporate entity the same freedoms as the individual, and that needs to be changed ASAP.


      Yes the jars are absolute trash. Like I said I transfer everything to a dropper bottle.

      Figures that cant stand suck.

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