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    Ah Gargoyles, one of if not the darkest cartoon series Disney has ever done.  And believe me, no cartoon today would get away with half of what that show did.  For God’s sakes one of the characters gets shot with a gun sending a powerful message on gun safety and violence.  Despite existing briefly in the mid-90s, Gargoyles has amassed a cult following that blew up further with the series placed on Disney+.  And yet despite this surge in popularity, Disney has not budged on the idea of a live action film or series revival.  I have some speculations on why nothing is getting done as well as ideas of what I’d like to see in a Gargoyles revival as opposed to a film.

    To start, it should be noted that about a year or so ago comedian and break out movie director Jordan Peele actually reached out to Disney for a potential Gargoyles live action film.  When this news dropped I’m sure many fans were excited and eagerly awaited confirmation from the House of Mouse.  But nothing ever came of it, no news whatsoever.  My theory is that Disney tried to do with Jordan Peele what they did when Jon Favreau lobbied to be apart of Star Wars.  Disney probably wanted Jordan to direct a couple movies first and give him Gargoyles later in exchange.  However, I’m guessing Jordan declined given he had projects in the works that required his attention, serving as producer to Candyman 2020 as an example.  Given Jordan Peele’s style of humor, horror and racial themes he sounds like a good fit for a live action Gargoyles film.  But could there be more to this?

    On paper you would think Disney would eat up the idea of a Gargoyles movie.  I mean, a story about a minority group trying to survive in modern society with the help of a black/native American cop while battling a white billionaire industrialist sounds right up their alley right?  And let be me clear, I would NOT want a Gargoyles movie if they ruined it with their fucking SJW agendas.  But given today’s current social climate I’m actually glad nothing is moving forward.  Between Black Lives Matter, the Twitter Mob and the Mainstream Media news of a Gargoyles film would be #cancelled or ridiculed before you can say “We Live Again”.  But enough about this negative bullshit, let me share some personal thoughts on what I’d like to see in a Gargoyles revival series.

    I think a Gargoyle’s revival would pull a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and fast forward from 1997 to the 2020s exploring a new generation.  The focal human character would be Alexander “Fox” Xanatos, son of David Xanatos and Jeanine “Fox” Xanatos ( formerly Reynard).  The main character who we’d be focused on would be Lexington, joining Alex on what fans would consider a “World Tour 2.0”.  The premise of the series would include the duo discovering any other gargoyle clans, cementing peace between gargoyles and mankind and fighting supernatural threats.  Given Alex’s pedigree, he’d be incredibly smart and for the most part mastered martial arts and his magic training.  To ensure he’s not a full on Gary Stu the threats he’d face would be incredibly difficult or require outside the box thinking.  And of course every now and then team up with familiar and new characters from the series.

    So that about covers this topic.  What was your favorite episode of Gargoyles overall?  Would you prefer a live action film or revival cartoon?  Depending on your choice what would be the plot?  Comment down below so we can get some great conversations going.  Until my next topic or blog, catch ya later!


      Seeing the current state of Disney and the western entertainment industry as a whole, eternal slumber please.


      I don’t blame you one bit.

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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