Geeks + Gamers FACT BLAST Game Review

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    Please give us your thoughts and opinions down below about the Geeks + Gamers video game. :)


    Very, very fun game 😸 I missed these types of simple yet entertaining computer games, a lot of the ones i played as a kid don’t work any more, so i’m very happy that this game exist, my favorite part is the twitter birds pooping censorship 😂🐦💩

    I’m gonna spend many hours helping Jeremy fight NPCs 😁

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    Let me preface this by saying I’m not a gamer, just a Gen. X’er who very rarely plays video games anymore. So my skill level isn’t anywhere near gamers today. Admittedly, that probably has a lot to do with some of the problems I have with this game.

    What’s the point of being given 18 individual power bars when a single hit from just about anything takes away at least 3-4 bars? For those of us who lack in the skills dept., it sure would be nice if everything didn’t do that much damage. Or, at the very least, insert more jars of apple juice into the game. Even if it’s just the small jars. I’ve been stuck on Level 5 for some time now and it only has the one large apple juice, that I know of, about halfway between the beginning and the giant bird. I’ve only made it to that bird twice, and by then, I’ve taken a good amount of damage to get there.

    The other issue I have is the lack of checkpoints. For example, Level 5…to make it to the giant bird and die, we get sent back to the point where the giant tomato was located. Again, this goes back to skill level, or lack thereof, but it’s frustrating. It’d be nice to have more checkpoints.

    I don’t want the game to be too easy for those who are good at games, but for those of us who aren’t on that level, it can make it very frustrating. Enough that I quit playing even though I don’t really want to. I usually quit and come back later, or the next day, only to repeat the process. Maybe an easier mode?? I don’t want to skate through it either, just a happy medium.

    What I really like are the Jeremy comments. So much so, I wish there were more of them. They add an amusing touch and good comic relief.

    Overall, it’s a pretty fun game. After all, it has kept me coming back ever since Jeremy first announced it on Friday Night Tights, despite how bad I suck. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.


    Where is the Jer Amry in Fact Blast….hell….where is Megazord Jeremy??!!!!!!

    The most powerful Jeremy of all the Jeremys with the combined power of all the Jeremys?!!!! Lol 😂😀

    Jeremy should call in the Jer Army to help him fight NPCs then have them merge into…..MEGAZORD JEREMY ti finish the job


    I can’t wait for you guys to see the 2nd game :D



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