Gender choice in gaming – RUINED!

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    If there was a choice of male or female in a game …… I pick female a fair amount of the time. Whoa whoa whoa, before you cream your shorts with any impotent rage let me explain why. Gaming is pure escapism for me, I like to get into a game, and being a guy? Choosing a female character moves the escapism further out, but more importantly, in games like Oblivion, Skyrim etc a bad ass, big  ….er ….. weaponed female, wielding death and destruction? is kick ass. Of course these days that’s SEXISM YOU PIG!!! but how is it? I’m literally choosing the whamens character?!? how is that sexist!?! I made the mistake of mentioning that on twitter once, man you good smell the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEs through the screen

    In related news, it has, on occasions, been a double edged sword though LOL great when ‘making special female friends’ in fallout 3, Fable etc ….. but not so much in Fallout New Vegas with Benny LOL

    What do you think the alt-left rags want? They don’t want you to choose a female character, but then make you in some games, and them whine at you do matter WHAT you choose. It’s mind boggling.


    It’s not mind boggling when you realize that all they want is to be angry at you. They will use whatever they can to find a reason to be angry.


      I’m a female who often plays as a male character in games, even when given female options, because my decision is based on skill set and personality. For example I always play as male characters in Borderlands games, where the character skills and personalities are fixed.

      Typically, I only play as a female when the player’s skills are developed independent of the physical appearance, as in DA:I, Skyrim, Fallout 3, etc.

      To answer the question “what do the alt-left rags want?”
      I think they are insecure, and the moral superiority they feel after rebuking anyone who speaks off script has a cathartic effect, especially when others back them up. So the behavior becomes addictive (which lends to what Keith said).


      Most of the time I play male but every now and then I choose female like the last time I played Skyrim, Female Breton and my roleplay was “Short lady being underestimated shoves a lightning bolt up your ass”, i liked it so much I actually made it to LVL 70 before getting bored.

      Normally I get bored around 35\40.

      I don’t need someone to tell me to play as a different character, give me choices and I’ll seek them out on my own.


      I freely admit that the primary reasons that I choose to play as a female character fall under the “male gaze” category. The reason being, 99% of the time, the choice of character gender is purely aesthetic, and I prefer looking at the female form as opposed to the male form. Unless of course Jennifer Hale is voicing the female character, then my reason for picking that character is just so I can hear her speak the dialogue. With that being said, when I play multiplayer games, I choose male.


        I’ve been playing as a female or games that star females since LONG before this notion that women aren’t in games started being a thing.

        “Females don’t get representation”
        “No, there has been for a very long time, you just weren’t playing those games.”


        The left doesn’t believe in individual freedom or choice. They only pretend to.


        If I have to watch a character’s ass during hours I prefer to watch a girl’s ass


        If the game revolves around the character’s ass, then they’re doing the game wrong.


        Or it is just a third person view game

      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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