George Lucas “Horrified” By Disney’s Star Wars – Jon Favreau Hates TLJ!

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    What George hated TLJ I’m not surprised.

    So does Favreau I’m also not surprised.

    I just hope Filoni and Favreau continue to give us good content.


    Finally hearing this from the mouth of someone in the industry gives me a tiny bit of closure.


    That being said, I’m still salty af 2 and a half years later


    Poor George, I feel for him. It would be like watching your kid get into hard drugs, go to jail, repeat…


    Of course George Lucas hates TLJ. It completely undoes Lukes character arc of overcoming his fathers short comings. Luke was supposed to be the example of what a Jedi should of the RotJ.


    I already know George Lucas hates Star Wars. Like seriously, Mr. Lucas should have put Star Wars on a vault, not sell Lucasfilm, and develop new IPs and Franchises that isn’t Star Wars nor Indiana Jones IPs and Franchises although he doesn’t have to be the one who makes them.

    As for Jon Favreau, really?

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    Is anyone really surprised by this?



    It’s easy to blame Rian Johnson for the Last Jedi and completely derailing any chance the Sequel trilogy had of being any good, but really the main fault lies with Kathleen Kennedy.

    As producer it was her job to ensure a level of consistency and quality for Star Wars films going forward. Instead she just arbitrarily picked a different director for every single film because… she liked their work? She agreed with them on their politics and ideology? God only knows. She went in with zero planning. As it turns out, picking two different directors with two different visions and letting Johnson just completely ignore whatever Abrams was setting up happened to be totally disastrous in telling a story. Who knew. It’d be like Tolkien writing out the Fellowship of the Ring, then getting a different author to write the Two Towers and they do something that goes against everything the previous installment stood for, like Frodo putting on the One Ring, gains awesome, God-like powers, and destroys Sauron in a single attack (maybe not the most apt comparison as I don’t really like Abrams and the Force Awakens that much either, and Tolkien wrote out the whole story before splitting it into three parts. But you get the idea).

    I kinda feel bad for George. True, he sold off the franchise to begin with, which he never should have done. But there’s a reason why he was so protective of Star Wars for so long, and he trusted Kennedy to handle it with care. How did he work with her for so long and not suspect how grossly incompetent she really was?


    It’s not surprising though is it. Lucas (for all his flaws) does love his creation and they’ve shit all over it. Favreau  (with far less film making flaws) can see shit when he sees it. We can only hope that he can avoid (well, for the most part) the Disney forced agenda. I hope I’m wrong but I reckon eventually he’ll walk because ‘creative differences’.

    I think the Mandalorian is the only glimmer of hope, at all, in the Star Wars future


    Sure, after selling his son into slavery to a profit machine.

    This is his fault.


    I would agree with this.  You don’t sell your kids to White slavers!


    I think we all knew deep down how he felt about it.  But is nice to have it confirmed.


    we all do my friend. we all do. I just wish that Kathleen Kennedy get the hell away from Lucasfilm so we can have good content


    I’d be more surprised if Lucas wasn’t horrified. it’s HIS legacy. what he left for the next generation. and yet… was all ruined because Kathleen Kennedy wanted to push an agenda and Rian “sissy boy” Johnson didn’t care about what is canon anyway. and Jar Jar Abrams was so lazy to come up with an idea he just copied from Lucas and threw in a fetch quest right out of an RPG. hopefully sooner or later Disney will realize that they’re losing money and get Lucas back to give them good old star wars that we all loved. #justiceforJarJar




    George’s white slavers commenting was always bizarre in a lot of ways,lol. But I guess he  didn’t pay attention, “Who’s the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” — Obi-Wan Kenobi, A New Hope.


    I never really understood how KK would pop out’ve essentially nowhere to take over. I suppose Lucas was probably peer pressured into handing things over to KK cause of dopey Spielberg’s advice along with getting his little protege JJ into the helm. Am sure she probably told him everything he wanted to hear at the time. Once he sold and ink was damp or dry, Iger and KK just did their own thing to ruin Star Wars .



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