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    Those who get the vaccine have side effects. Some of the side effects can be extremely nasty, like dying. If you get the vaccine you still have to wear a mask. According to the CDC you can still get infected with the virus. Anyone want to educate me on why I should get the vaccine that does nothing to prevent infection and will give me side effects and may kill me? Anyone?

    Why is India having such a hard time with a virus that people like me believe doesn’t exist? I believe what India is experiencing is biological warfare from communist china.

    The fact is joe blow is not the elected president from the 2020 election,

    The fact is the majority of US citizens are not buying this covid crap and are not getting vaccinated which also is more evidence the majority did not vote for joe blow.

    The fact is social media and mainstream news are lying propaganda. They want to silence the majority who DO NOT SUPPORT communism/liberalism. They want to get people to think the majority support their wrong think.

    The fact is the so called democrats, who are in fact communists, want to make millions of illegal immigrants us citizens because for the past few decades their voters have suffered negative population growth from abortions and same sex marriages; which do not produce any children.

    Also according to some news reports the illegal immigrants at the southern boarder are testing positive for covid 19. If this pandemic was real wouldn’t they want to deny them entry into the country?

    The fact is the masks the CDC wants the general population to wear do not prevent cold germs or any virus from entering or leaving a person’s nose or mouth. As far as any germ/virus is concerned none of us are wearing masks.

    The fact is, if you have a conversation with a real doctor, they will tell you anyone who has any virus and coughs or sneezes in public can infect people across the street. 30 minutes later someone walking across the street will breathe in the virus the sick person coughed out from across the street.

    The fact is homeless people in California are getting sick from the bubonic plague not covid-19.

    The fact is if covid-19 were real we would all be infected and many people would be dead or dying. CNN claims thousands of Americans die every day. According to CNN more than 1.5 million Americans should have died to date because last year they claimed more than 2,500 Americans die every day from covid-19. Oh really? Who? Where? And When did they die? Show me the documents and prove to me the family purchased the burial plot and a real dead body was put in that burial plot or I won’t believe you.


      The fact 40 to 60% of Dr. TwoMask Fauci’s staff are refusing to get it should be all you need to know


      Does anyone yet know the long term side effects of this “vaccine”?  You know, the ones not yet FDA approved.


      It might be too early to know the long term effects since many people only got it within the past few months. Most people, including myself and my parents got it to return to normal. The short term effects aren’t so bad though, only a sore arm for a day or two, but you can still be cautious if you feel that is best.


      Yeah, I lost friends because I’m not getting this experimental vaccine. I wish they would be honest and forthcoming about the fact that it’s still experimental, that it’s a new kind of vaccine that has never been done before, for which we don’t know that long term side effects.

      Taking this vaccine is a personal choice and shouldn’t be forced on anyone.


        Here is the thing. I’m 50+ have not got the flu shot EVER. I am betting 60% or more do not get the flu shot either, for comparison this is a flu shot from everything I have seen and read. Well 3 times in my life it has been verified I had the actual “flu” last case 9 years ago, prior to that both cases were in my 20’s when I was shall we say “Not social distancing especially on weekends”.

        But the flu shot you do not keep hearing of side effects from Soar Arm to Death, reason why is they have had years of testing and (Long Term Side Affects) LTSA’s are known. They are also approved by the FDA and CDC recommended (on the cdc website). This experimental shot is no, combined with they Government had to give Immunity from lawsuits to these companies rings loud and clear how much is unknown.

        I am not putting anything in my body because the Government says so. I am shocked how many people who have been so vocal on Social Media and other places about freedom and not trusting the government are lining up for something that “not one Doctor can say with 100% certainty is 100% safe and effective and their will be no long term side affects”

        , were they truly friends? I as well have had a few say some things, and I keep responding the same way, which is to ask them “If 40% to 60% of Dr. Fauci’s staff are not getting it why are you” It has stopped them in their tracks. Now with more evidence coming out daily it seem that Fauci knew early on this had a high likelihood of being a “Gain of function from the Chinese Lab” It makes me even more skeptical of the shot. FYI for those who do not know the purpose of gain of function is the “weaponizing of a biologic” that is the bottom line.

        Now he may not have been directly funding ti but the NIH appears to have suspected it, so the shot he took on tv, was it the same one being given to the population? Questions need to be asked… What last year social media companies were banning people from, removing post, fact-checking as false or misleading is looking more like truth now.

        So for me, without the proper legally acceptable for all other medications for safety I am not taking an experimental shot. I did my due diligence to research it and the history of FDA approval process and this thing fails to meet those safety protocals. I have read the reports of very bad side affects, and this fails to give me confidence it is 99.9% safe at. We do not know the LTSA’s and so, again it fails.

        I am not antivax, I have all my inoculations and kept up on Tetanus as I was in a line of work it was wise to do so. But all those were either true “Immunizations” or “Preventatives” they all had long tack records of safety and proof of reliability. Now if this was proven to be a true Immunization I would take it, once proven safe with a long period of time to show the LTSA’s were none or at least known.

        And finally, We are learning more and more people whom have had it build up a degree of immunity to it, though I cannot prove it, because they are not testing for antibodies (yes I have asked around) I believe I had it last February with many others, all the symptoms were there, I was tested for the flu and it was not that, my doctor was stumped as to what it could be, but 2 shortly after (14 DAYS) he passed and when tested Covid-19 was COD.




        @Mustangride1 I guess you’re right, they weren’t really friends, it’s just hard living in Vancouver, Canada, everyone here is so Marxist/Socialist. I’m actually trying to relocate to a city that is more balanced aka reasonable, which I’m not sure exists in Canada. I’m lucky as my partner is a medical writer with a masters in bio-genetics, so he caught the BS pretty early on with the politicized PCR testing and the all the Covid mayhem. I’m also not an antivax.

        I think there’s something connected with the Wuhan lab, but even if it isn’t, the reaction of the CCP is to have weaponized this situation.


        @Legatus_Legionis who would of thought that a request from Buzzfeed would potentially lead to the downfall of Fauci lol

        Sadly, I’m not even sure this is enough to take him down.


        And since the CCP had over a year to destroy any and all evidence, the TRUTH will never be known.


        I can understand being skeptical about a lot of things, including the ‘rapidly approved vaccines’, but the fact there are Americans who nonironically believe a virus declared, rightfully or not, a global pandemic, and existing as such in a bunch of countries that have little to nothing to do with the US or China, is purely a scam created to influence their elections eludes me.


          @Mr.Bidwell, my definition of a friend is the person I can call in the middle of the night, tell them im broke down 200 miles away, and before I finish is telling me they are on the way give them directions. Or the person no matter how bad you fuck up will simply say “a friend is do a few mistakes” and then shrug it off to <after an apology of course>.

          I guess I am old school, I can forgive almost anything with a simple apology.


          Damn @Mustangride1 you just made me realize that I have no friends lol



          I feel your pain. I’ve lost so many friends because of Trump Derangement Syndrome, went full Commie, moved away, or just went silent. Hopefully, you still have family you can rely on.


            Meh, I think Trump and Covid were a good spring cleaning disinfectant in my life. It cleaned out many people without me having to do a thing from my life. Not surprisingly the stress goes down when you are not seeing and listening to people who just are never happy or constantly belittling someone for their beliefs and opinions.

            I had at one time over 800 people on my FB, One day I said to myself I am going to get it back to what I got on it for “Keeping up with family and friends”. Family is easy to define “Blood” Friends I defined as people whom I had over to my house, or spend time at theirs. List went to 96 people. My life INSTANTLY got better.

            Life is better when you are not being compared or comparing your life to others, and that is what the internet is a lot of the time. Also my sleep got better and time on the net became less and time doing my hobbies more. Getting back to family and true friends takes away the Winters stuffiness and Dust and just gives your life that clean lemony scent again.

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