Gimme some bold predictions for the last 5 Smash DLC characters

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    With the reveal of Min Min from Arms today, there are 5 character reveals remaining.  Who will they be?

    Here’s what I’m going with

    Chrono from Chrono Trigger – Such an iconic character from the 16-bit era.  To be honest I’m amazed he isn’t on the roster already.

    Geno from Super Mario RPG – Another SNES icon, and one that has been heavily requested since the pre-Brawl days.

    Paper Mario – If Link can have three versions of himself, Mario should too!

    A Gen 8 Pokemon – Impossible to determine which one, but I think we’ll be getting one final Pokemon.

    Master Chief – My boldest prediction of them all.  With Banjo-Kazooie already in the game, NOTHING is off limits, and Master Chief is practically on the Mount Rushmore of gaming.


    For the longest time I’ve had a list of characters I considered very likely based on upcoming releases and market trends that consists of Monster Hunter(Monster Hunter), Kazuya Mishima(Tekken), Arle(Puyo Puyo), 2B(Neir), Travis Touchdown(No More Heroes). I still think it’s a prediction that holds water, but it’s also not really a list of my most wanted characters, even though I do like some of them. If I was to make an actual wish list of sorts it would look something like this:

    • Elma(Xenoblade Chronicles)
    • Dante(Devil May Cry)
    • Sol Badguy(Guilty Gear)
    • Axel(Streets of Rage)
    • Wonder-Red(The Wonderful 101)

      Would probably be WAY to overpowered to make it in but you said bold predictions.


        -Fire Emblem character

        -Fire Emblem character

        -Fire Emblem character

        -Fire Emblem character

        -Fire Emblem character

        Low hanging fruit taken.


        My Dream List:
        Geno (Mario RPG)
        Asura (Asura’s Wrath)
        Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
        Sash Lilac (Freedom Planet)
        KOS-MOS (Xenosaga)

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        These are educated guesses based on what I’m predicting they’ll add. Nintendo is notoriously hard to predict so there’s a 99% chance I’m wrong but it’s fun to try. Also the order I’m listing them in is not the order I think they’ll be releasing in.

        Paper Mario – The PM series hasn’t been selling nearly as well as you’d expect something with “Mario” in the title to sell, and its got a game coming up pretty soon that could probably benefit a lot from Smash advertising. That coupled with the fact that he’s pretty well liked and has had a decent bit of fan demand makes me think he’s just about the safest and best character they could add right now.


        Travis Touchdown – Very similar situation to Paper Mario. NMH3 is coming soon, Nintendo is publishing it I think, it could use the boost, fans want him. Overall it all just works out nice for him.


        Steve – We’ve not yet seen a really popular character that this pass can use to sell itself, and I can’t see them not having one. I can’t think of anybody better f0r the job than Mr. Minecraft himself. It’s especially easy to see since the bridge of Microsoft content in Smash has been crossed already thanks to Banjo-Kazooie.


        Another First Party advertisement character – Yeah this probably seems like a bit of a cop out, but I do think they’ll go for this but nobody in particular comes to mind. I don’t think it’d be a Pokemon as that game really doesn’t need the help and there are a lot of games that could use it more. I reckon it’ll be from a 2021 game that hasn’t been announced yet, which is why I’m not gonna pick a specific character.


        Waluigi – Alongside Steve, I think Waluigi will be the character they try and sell this pass on. I really don’t think the assist trophy matters, especially not after Min Min. Waluigi is one of, if not the, most requested character, and an extremely easy character to include due to being a first party Mario character. Him being an assist trophy caused the biggest uproar over a character not being in smash that has ever happened. His inclusion would definitely get a lot of attention.


        i’d say my picks for Smash DLC characters are

        Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

        Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear)

        Fulgore (Killer Instinct)

        Doomguy/Doomslayer (Doom)

        Geno (Mario RPG)

        Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)



        Ryo Hazuki

        Mike Haggar

        Crash Bandicoot

        Spyro The Dragon

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