Google “The Four Olds” while you still can.

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    It’s a reference to the Maoist takeover in midcentury China. Could not POSSIBLY be more relevant today, when everyone wonders why Cancel Culture is such a thing, and the dumbass rioters want to keep tearing down/destroying everything older than their lifetimes.


    Nice.  I’ll have to check into that Clearmoon.  Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    People should also check into Yuri Bezmenof.  He’s a former KGB that defected to the US.  He’s got a lot of videos that are easy to find that outline the KGB’s Handbook for taking a country without firing a shot.  Looks a LOT like the kind of stuff that we see going on today.  (You’ll also notice that a TON of his audience is usually… female.)

    Here’s a channel that I found recently.  I think it was posted by Nerdrotic in the last live stream.  It’s a channel by an SJW.  Has a couple of good videos going over how they’re a cult, how they usually indoctrinate through the schools, what some of the beliefs and such are.  I haven’t watched a lot of them yet, it’s kinda dry, so my ADD moves onto other stuff pretty easy.


    I think you all should make yourself familiar with “struggle sessions” and then think about what chancel culture on twitter tries to be and is successful with those weak enough. There is no clearer, more monstrous recent example than the digital blackface saga of Babs Tarr.


    Heyas PsychoWedge.  Oh man.  I hadn’t heard of that term before, but yeah… that’s exactly what they try to pull on tw@tter.

    It’s also what they’re pulling with some of the politicians, here in the US.

    Yeah, them going after Babs Tarr was really stupid.  I mean, it’s HER art, she can draw it any way that she wants to.  If you don’t appreciate it, you don’t go attacking the artist.  I mean, do you walk into an art gallery, and take a knife to a picture that you don’t like?   (When I type “you”  I mean, people in general, not… You you, PW.)

    My first reaction is to say that these people think entirely too much of their own opinion.  And some of them just want to try to get attention to themselves.  But, some of these people are pretty much not anything more than trained attack dogs.   I can’t remember the term they’ve put on it.  But it’s some of the brainwashing going on in some of the classes, where they instill an overly aggressive, sense of offense into somebody.  And instilling them with the belief that they have to attack that which triggers that sense of offense.   They also VERY MUCH infuse a mob mentality into these people too.


    Now, on the flip side of that.  There’s that practical side of me that says “Hey,  Don’t put your stuff on the internet!  See what happens when you do??”  :D

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