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    G Marks

    I grew up in part watching Pokemon and have watched a bit of anime in the past but I have started to get more into it recently. I just watched a movie called “A Silent Voice” and was absolutely blown away by every aspect of it. I’m sure there’s so much anime movie greatness out there.



    A Silent Voice is great. On a side note, I’d also suggest the manga, too. It’s seven volumes, and is much like the movie, but has a larger story simply because time wasn’t as much of an issue as with a movie.

    Ok, so, anime movie suggestions:

    Almost anything from Studio Ghibli. My favorites of theirs are: Howl’s Moving Castle, Whisper of the Heart, When Marnie Was There, Spirited Away.

    Anthem of the Heart. Don’t confuse that with Ghibli’s Whispers of the Heart.

    Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms.

    Your Name and Weathering With You. They are both from Shinkai, and slightly connected, though not so much that you can’t enjoy them separately.

    If you’ve been watching the series My Hero Academia, I’d recommend the two movies based on the series, Two Heroes and Heroes Rising. On another note, there’s a third MHA movie scheduled to come out later this year.

    G Marks

    Thanks for the suggestion’s

    I’m looking to forward to get into it.


    Try Sword of the Stranger if you want amazing sword fights, Paprika if you like Inception, and Perfect Blue for a great psychological thriller. I don’t think I have to mention the obvious anime movies.




    Yes, Studio Ghibli movies are great, my faves are Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, How’s Moving Castle, and The Cat Returns

    If you’re into Demon Slayer the Demon Slayer movie’s coming out soon 😈


    Ninja Scroll.

    I rarely see this movie mentioned but it is an absolute classic from the 90s. I must’ve watched it over 100 times growing up.


    `DBZ Trunks Best  for me make you sad


    Standalone movies I love: Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Fist of the North Star, Ninja Scroll, Gun Buster, Gunsmith Cats, Tokyo Godfathers if you want a great Christmas movie, Millennium Actress, Promare, Your Name, Weathering With You, and although they’re OVAs, Vampire Hunter D and Appleseed are pretty good. Most of these are movies I used to rent from Blockbuster in the late 90s/2000s so I’m tied to them through nostalgia but out of all these, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Millennium Actress are probably the highest recommendations on this list.


    Now if you want movies based on shows (which means you may need to watch the show to understand) this is my list:

    Steins;Gate: Load Region of Deja Vu

    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society

    Trigun: Badlands Rumble

    Psycho-Pass: The Movie

    Evangelion: Death & Rebirth / End of Evangelion

    Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission



    Lu Over The Wall is a fun spin on the Little Mermaid type of story.



    Ghost in the shell


    Steam boy

    Ghibli movies

    sailor moon movies

    cowboybeop knocking on heavens door

    My hero academia: two heros-have not seen the second on yet


    wolf childeren





    edit-forgot to add

    pokimon 1st movie

    digimon 1st movie


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    Great Anime movies. I haven’t many of them but the ones that stand out that I’ve seen X: The Movie, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz and Ghost In The Shell.

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