Great outsider look at the Trump raid

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    Good outside look at this from someone not a Trump superfan.



    Still waiting for them to look at Hunter’s laptop…


    We all are. There is so much PROOF of crime that has surfaced from it and so much evidence of a potential crime and even possibly the President being compromised. But nope, nothing to see here plebs move along. This Nation is in the shitter, and we saw what happened last time people tried ruling us unjustly. That same thing will happen again if this shit is not stopped. HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF, unless you learn from it and stop making the same mistakes.


    Here is the way I look at this.

    Hillary Clinton, it is a fact she housed her own email server and destroyed the email. That is one thing among a number of things she did with official documents.

    What happened?  James Comey got on TV and told everyone it was no harm no foul but YOU better not do that.


    Donald Trump, had some documents in his possession apparently they wanted back. (that’s all I know on that one right now).

    What happened?  Instant FBI raid on his house.


    One can only conclude the laws are applied unevenly depending on whether you are a political friend or foe.


    And let’s all be honest here.  We ALL see where this is going.  They want to convict him of a crime that bars him from running. PERIOD.


    If they can’t convict him, they will kill him. Probably the old heart attack gun. Mark my words.

    “This Nation is in the shitter, and we saw what happened last time people tried ruling us unjustly. That same thing will happen again if this shit is not stopped. ”    Last time was the age of muskets where there was a certain degree of parity between the people and the rulers. This time they have planes, tanks, killer drones and mass surveillance. Nothing will happen this time. America will never be free again. Unless Russia and China nuke Washtingon off the face of the earth. Then maybe.

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    They are reporting in those documents the FBI took there was one that was originally “CLASSIFIED”, but while in office, the POTUS can declassify any document – and if that was done, there was no legal grounds for a RAID.

    So do to this so publicly so close to the mid-terms for something him might have had ever right to have, it just another “RED FLAG”/mis-direction/distraction.

    They just want to harass TRUMP and use any and all methods to make sure he does not run and win in 2024.

    Don’t look at the Biden crime family (laptop and dementia joe), look at this instead!

    Clinton HAD classified information on an insecure server to illegally by-pass federal laws, and we still got nothing.

    The us is so close to being a police state (like the CCP) run by the marxists of the dem party/deep state, everyone in the western world should be very afraid.


    The West is done. Finished. A complete dictatorship. The last truly free country on Earth is Russia. Back it any way you can. Buy Russian!


    Dude you are a “pot” who claims to be a tea kettle while pointing and laughing at the other pots for having handles.


    Please, no name calling/personal attacks.

    Let just stay with the topic.

    We can disagree with the points being talked about, but lets keep the personal stuff out of it.




    I certainly do not like everything about Trump nor everything he has done. However. He was at least trying to do GOOD and get some things better for us. Our economy was doing well. He wanted to build a wall and stop the boarder problems.

    The people that are for good and or TRYING to at least do some good are always the ones with a witch hunt. They are always the ones attacked, ridiculed, demeaned. Socially Outcast. Shunned, etc. It’s been that way for a long time now. We have an upside down society and culture now. Honestly, it is part of why I am not social at all. And I mean that seriously. I really have no friends. It’s hard to find like minded people these days for me. And, I am not one to have relationships online anymore. Been down that road, nothing good came of it.



    “I certainly do not like everything about Trump nor everything he has done.”

    Is that not the disposition one person would reasonably have with any other person?

    If you agreed with everything you would be a sycophant and if you disagreed with everything one would consider you to be hateful.

    I too think Trump had honorable intentions.  But his personal faults got in the way of those sometimes.  As happens to the best of us on occasion.

    He had a tough road all things told.  The fact he had any measure of success is nearly a miracle.

    But people who are looking for a reason to hate or dislike will always find them so many do.



    Good Lord man, it wasn’t name calling for goodness sakes nor was it a personal attack.  It’s was a metaphor (possibly a simile) for being what you claim to be against.

    Granted, maybe not a great one since I made it up on the spot but cut me a break I am not an author.


    Are we all so used to holding our tongues now and so anxious about offense we must no longer use literary devices.


    Good Lord man, it wasn’t name calling for goodness sakes nor was it a personal attack.

    I disagree.

    Dude you are a “pot”

    That is a direct attack, IMO.  You did not have to use a @___ to should this was directed at someone specific.

    You, especially a MOD of G&G, should know better than to stop talking about facts/opinions and go into name calling/putting down a fellow G&G member.

    That is exactly what you did, IMO.

    Heated arguments with others on the forums, there is your slack.

    Name calling “Dude you are a POT” IMO is going over the line, regardless of everything else going between you two.

    One of the things that makes G&G what is it, is that people with various opinions/points of view can come and have a discussion.  We are NOT an echo chamber.  All sides are welcome.

    As a MOD, you represent that G&G ideal, and should make all sides welcome to SHARE their different opinions.

    What you should have stated was “I completely disagree with what you just wrong.”  PERIOD!  Move on.

    Comment on the comments, not the users.

    While I have disagreed with several people often in the past and currently, I respect their right to share that view at G&G, and have found myself agreeing sometimes to a few of their views as well.

    I have had such discussions in the past (just as you are having now) where I disagree/strongly disagree with someone without having to name call anyone.

    Celebrate when we agree, and agreeing that we disagree on other points, but keep the direct “Dude, you are a…” BS out of it.


    I agree that Trump, not being a politician, did not have the skill set needed to properly work with such a clunky bureaucracy of the federal government, after those four years in office, I believe he now understand what must be done within the system to get things accomplish (like the businessman he is).

    I believe he has been spending some of his time since losing a questionable 2020 election, at finding and getting people who believe in the greater good of America and who can get the job done, ready so he has a list of people at the get go to assign/nominate for the various roles needed with a new administration.


    We will have to agree to disagree.

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