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    Halloween is near and questions I’d like to ask are…..

    1. What’s your favorite mythical horror creature?
    2. What is your favorite Halloween candy?
    3. What’s your favorite Halloween movie?



      1) Do black cats count?  ^﹏^

      sailor moon kitty - meow

      I guess vampires, like them i hate sun light

      gizmo - bright light

      2) Reese’s peanutbutter cups 😛

      3) Do you mean actual Halloween movies or all horror movies and halloween specials in general?

      I tried watching Halloween onece in middle school, didn’t make it past the first 15/20 minutes 😅

      When i was a kid i watched Corps Bride every halloween

      A really good horror movie i watched recently’s Marrowbone, it took me 3 watches to complete it without screaming my ass off, but the twist at the end was worth waking up the whole neighborhood at 4am 3 nights in a row 😁


      1.) Vampire, with Frankenstein’s Monster #2.

      2.) I am a chocolate person myself, so those mini Aero’s followed by those mini Kit-Kats.

      3.) Does “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” count?

      Otherwise the classics: Bela Lugosi Dracula films and the Boris Karloff Frankenstein films.

      Modern would be The Nightmare Before Christmas.

      I an not a fan of the horror/slasher films in general.


      1. The Windigo from Supernatural

      2. the pumpkin shaped Reese’s cups

      3. The Shining with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark at #2


      1. The Bakeneko from Japanese folklore.


      2. I don’t really care. Give me any sweet as long as its not spicy (they’re disgusting).

      3. I’m more of a psychological horror/thriller guy, and I really like both Orphan and Black Swan.


      Black Swan



        Awwwww! Bakeneko sooo cuuuteeee :3 One of my cats looks like that bakeneko <3

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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