Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021. Is this the right move?

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    What are everyone’s thoughts on Halo Infinite being pushed to 2021?  Personally, the wait for the game has already been so long that some extra polish to make it the best it can be would be welcomed.  However, there’s no doubt this will hurt the launch of the Series X.  You almost have to question if the console itself will be pushed to 2021 now too.


    I think it’s a good move because the game clearly wasn’t near a finished state, but it’s also bad for the Series X release. I’m really starting to think the Series X and Ps5 launches will be delayed as well, because this whole year has just been wacko. I wouldn’t blame them at all for pushing console launches to 2021 too.


    My current backlog is so huge that I would have zero complaints if next gen consoles got pushed to 2021.


    I think overall it was a good move to push the date back, but this will definitely hurt the Series X launch.


    It just gives people another reason not to get the console, this was a chance for Xbox to start this new console generation well, but it looks like Sony will start on top again.


    On the other hand, if they nail Halo Infinite and make the best Halo game in a decade, that will definitely sell consoles, even if it is a year later.


    I’m not sure about it tbh. I didn’t think the gameplay looked that bad. I just wanted new Halo.

    What I’m not keen on is an always online Destiny type game that evolves as it goes. Not my thing.

    Finish it so that it’s a full experience at launch then I’ll look at it.


    Yeah this will allegedly be the last Halo game for quite sometime, so I’d like to know more about how this game’s “live service” model will play out.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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