Happy Real Star Wars Day 5/25/22

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    Happy Real Star Wars Day to everyone out there!

    Keep Real Star Wars close to your heart and don’t let Disney ruin it for you!

    Remember what was good and glorious about Lucas’ galaxy far far away, and what originally made you fall in love!

    Join me tonight at 8:30 PM EST as I bask in its glory!




      I was 4 in 1977. Saw Star Wars around 10 times. My mom took me every weekend to see it. It was simply mind boggling back then.


      Had on ‘Empire Strikes Back’ yesterday and played on ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ on the PS2 which I got on Tuesday second hand. It’s the first time that I’ve ever played a ‘Call of Duty’ style game…and I must say I enjoyed it very much! I just wish that the camera angles were better lol!


      Star Wars: X-Wing | A Star Wars Fan Film
      After its defeat at Endor, the Empire struggles to maintain control over a fractured galaxy.

      Seizing the opportunity, the New Republic launches a desperate assault to liberate the galactic capital.

      The X-Wing pilots of Wraith Squadron rush into the fray to add support….

    Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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