Harassed because I asked if I could meet Disney characters


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    Little bit of backstory before I explain what happened. I am a HUGE fan of the Disney theme parks and I’ve only been to Disney World once. My favorite thing to do was meeting characters. I have Asperger’s syndrome and I get really nervous to talk to people, but when I met the Disney characters, they really helped me open up and interact with people. I’m going to Disneyland for the first time next month and I’m hoping to meet the characters there now that Covid is going away and mask and social distancing guidelines are going away. I commented on a post from the official Disneyland Instagram page asking if character meet and greets would return and how much I really wanted to meet them. A few hours later I received these messages. Apparently a character performer made this account targeting me and sent this message you see here. They also sent a picture of a napkin autographed by Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck and underneath the signatures said “Fuck You Logan!” Obviously I’m devastated. I’ve tried contacting Disney about this. This happened in March and I’ve sent numerous emails and I’m STILL waiting for a response from them. I’ve also chatted with cast members on the chat section on the Disneyland app but they act like they don’t even care and quickly dismiss the issue! Who would have thought I would get this kind of treatment just because I asked if I could give Mickey Mouse a hug (which is one of the things the Disney theme park are known for!)E5B3275A-18A0-4A87-9DED-8C3A95BEFC5B5CC07FB7-07AA-4493-9DBC-92A2C57B1A67C3045825-5ACA-46D8-8CEE-913F6F7E67DBCDA85800-515F-4FA9-A548-29655511C409


    disney hires a lot of nutaces, a lot of r3tarded people… 99% mental sjws idiots. so this is not a surprise.

    my advice is: ignore the online stuff… internet is not to be taken serious. Go have fun and record it all on video… if something happens, you have proof and we’ll help you get the video viral and then they fukd. :)


    I will never understand what it is that Disney did to snare so many people to love their particular brand of evil so spectacularly. Jeez. Doomcock should take notes.


    There’s a few cast members who follow me on Instagram and they are some of the nicest people. I shared these pictures on my Instagram and they told me that was unacceptable and to contact Disney. I have NUMEROUS times and they either don’t respond or act like they don’t care


    There is always the possibility the person who sent you those messages are lying, and don’t really work for Disney. Never underestimate the sick mind of an activist.


    It’s very likely this is your classic Internet troll. After all, this person’s identity seems anonymous and unverifiable, which is why Disney wouldn’t have taken action. What can they do against someone if they don’t even work at their company?

    If you have Asperger’s, then I can understand why you took it at face value and feel upset, but don’t let it bother you. People who spend this much energy trying to upset a random stranger online are just losers. Block him, move on and enjoy yourself.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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