Have you lived long enough? Have you?

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    Star Wars
    Star Trek
    Indiana Jones
    Dr. Who
    James Bond

    “How does it feel to have lived long enough to see all your favorite franchises go down in flames?”  Also, if you think this is all just wokeness, you are a fool.  This is called cultural subversion.  It is a military tactic.  Fascist use this technique.  Remember what Mussolini said Fascism really is?  He said it is corporatism and nothing is more corporate than Hollywood and the MSM.



    You missed DC Comics.


    If fans acquire the proper skills, soon, all the deconstruction in the world will not prevent the creativity of the western peoples. Even to add more to your list are the ones who died under mysterious circumstances. The ones that are suspected at having made some kind of deal for fame.

    I was watching an actor the other day play the part of Robin Williams and it was a very eerie feeling. Reminded me of that Heinlein book Double Star. The actor absolutely nailed the role. They are going to use deep fake and other tech, but to see a real organic actor bring someone back to life was something. Fandom will decide who lives and who dies and not the deep state shadow industry.

    ROBIN Test Footage Scene

    Jamie Costa as Robin


    I remember than when directors first starting shooting on digital. It seemed like a major sea change. A decade or two later, and here comes another major change. I think it was Robert Rodriguez who first made the big change and he is still out there. Makes you wonder what young director will be the first with the most to use this new technology.

    Green screens are for sure on their way out as more studios will begin to adopt LED technology and offer producers bigger or smaller Volume like studio spaces – ultimately changing the landscape of how VFX artists work, but making them far more important on set.

    It’ll also be interesting to see how many level designers from the game industry may start lending their expertise on film sets.

    We don’t see MetaHumans replacing actors anytime soon, but it could potentially replace face swap technology for bringing younger versions of aging actors back to a franchise. Productions looking to have less liability on set could also create Digital versions of their actors and animate dangerous stunts.

    Hyper realistic cars created in Unreal Engine could replace the need to shut down major roads to film a car chase or crash. As Unreal puts it – there is quite literally “Limitless Potential” with this technology.

    The best thing is that all of this software is actually free to use, with Epic Games only taking their 5% commission after you make your first million dollars. As process power gets even better in the years to come, we think this is going to open the door to a new wave of indie developers and producers looking to create wildly innovative types of content.

    It’s already being done with what Unreal currently has to offer, with a handful of amazing indie short films that you can go watch right now. But that is only the beginning – and MetaHuman is the next step in this evolution.

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