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    Every now and again I will stumble across a somewhat obscure film that really grabs my attention. It won’t have been a massive blockbuster and it could be very old but after seeing it once it will really leave an impression on me. For example the old 1950s horror film ‘Night of the Demon’ (which may be known in the US as ‘Curse of the Demon’). It doesn’t need modern CGI and a huge budget to tell a good story and I’d recommend everyone to give it a try.

    What suggestions for obscure films we should all be checking out can others make?

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    Don’t know if this counts as obscure necessarily, but my cousin recommended one of Taika Waititi’s films “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” to me, and I watched it recently. I only say it is obscure because I had never heard of it, but it’s a great film and I’m surprised no one talks about it, especially with how recent it is (only being 2016).


    Lucky Number Slevin

    It’s got Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Ben Kingsley. Somehow almost no one seems to have seen it.

    Great, fun plot with interesting characters. I really enjoy the dialogue. It’s very witty, and written in a way that’s obviously not true to life, but is intriguing nonetheless.


    As for more recent ones:

    Killing of a Sacred Deer

    Bone Tomahawk (in an age of identity politics in Hollywood, we need directors like Craig Zahler more than ever, dude was even an acquaintance of mine way back in the early 2000s too)

    The Art Of Self Defense (movie a buddy of mine directed last year which is pretty dark and fucked up, sure it’s a commentary on “toxic masculinity” or whatever but it’s not woke or anything remotely like that).

    A Prophet (French gangster movie from 2009, one of the best gangster movies I’ve ever seen, fun fact Ryan Coogler before starting to film any of his movies watches and will make the key members of his film crew watch this movie).


      Also check out Taika Waititi’s BOY


        Rabbit-Proof Fence


          From Wikipedia:

        “…loosely based on a true story concerning the author’s mother Molly, as well as two other mixed-race Aboriginal girls, Daisy Kadibil and Gracie, who escape from the Moore River Native Settlement, north of Perth, Western Australia, to return to their Aboriginal families…”

        I think it is a huge oversight that this hasn’t been re-released on blu-ray for “Region A” yet; it is one of the few DVDs I have left in my movie collection.


        No doubt in my mind that Nightcrawler is a gem of a film that many people have not seen…one of Gyllenhaal’s best performances




        I just watched Mr. Right with Sam Rockwell on Neflix last week and it was surprisingly entertaining. Sam is a hitman that kills the people who hire him (he thinks murder is wrong and anyone who hires someone to murder is worse than the hitman).



          Seen this movie, it’s really good


            Seen this movie too, loved it!


              Water for Elephants


                A really good horror movie i watched recently’s Marrowbone (2017). I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to horrors, it took me 3 goes to compleat it, and all the screaming my head off at 4am was worth it, the plot twist at the end’s fantastic!


                The 2008’s Eden Lake starring Michael Fassbender and Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly.

                Great movie, but it really hits you in the bread basket emotionally at a certain point.


                GATTACA. Absolute gem.


                  Drive (1997) – Fun, old school action/martial arts movie


                  Kung Fury – A very funny tribute to the 80s that you can watch on youtube for free




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