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      I played Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4. Well I only played it for around 10 hours. I found the main character Aloy to be boring and homely looking. I have a hard time playing as a female character. I mean I like playing Dead or Alive 5 with the sexy females but that’s about it. But Forbidden West looks pretty stunning from what I’ve seen. I wish you could create your own character.


      I thought Horizon Zero Dawn was alright from a technical perspective but didn’t enjoy it as much as others. I thought Aloy was alright but didn’t care for the other characters except for Rost. The story also had some woke stuff here and there

      I might give the sequel a chance.


        I platted HZD.  I liked everything except the story and the protagonist — which are normally significant factors, but the strategic combat and exploration kept me in the game.  Yes, Aloy is “homely”; I referred to her as “butch and contentious” in another thread.

        Everything I’ve read about the sequel so far suggests Aloy is returning as the protagonist, which is disappointing.

        P.S.  I’m female.  And even I didn’t enjoy playing as Aloy.  I prefer playing attractive, stoic characters — male or female.


        I don´t have anything to say about how Aloy was written. I did love how all the plot around the end of civilization and the project Zero Dawn was delivered. Also searching for the audio recordings was really fun. I was really invested on the events of Operation Enduring Victory.


        I didn’t really play Horizon Zero Dawn worrying about the look of Aloy. I found her refreshing because she wasn’t the obnoxious strong feminist i feared she’d be. The gameplay was fun as well.

        The sequel might try to pander more because of current events, but i hope not. Though gameplay alone has me interested int his sequel.


          The 1st game was one of the most boring games I ever played and one of the very few I ever sold, so surprisingly I have 0 interest in a sequel.


            One issue I had with the game is that even though we had dialogue choices, characters would respond to Aloy as though another option had been chosen.

            There was one scene in particular with a Prince in which he confronted Aloy for something I had attempted to avoid via a less contentious dialogue choice. I replayed the game back from that point in case I had accidentally selected the wrong one, and the same thing happened. The game ignored my attempts to make Aloy a little less provoking, while pretending I had a choice by presenting me with options. This is why I really don’t consider the game a true RPG.


            I am excited as everyone else for Forbidden West. Can’t wait to see what new machines I’ll have to face, new places to explore, new mysteries to unfold, but there’s a thought that’s been occurring to me for a bit on the topic of machine mounts and especially since everyone wants a taste in flying.

            Now don’t get me wrong because it would be cool to mount a flying machine, believe me, but I’m not sure if that will be the case for what they’re going for in Forbidden West. Think about it, in the first game, we explore ruins right and then we are introduced to swimming mechanics and most of San Francisco is in the water so we would explore ruins underwater right. So let’s say there’s a place that’s really high that not even climbing might work so it’s natural to where flying mounts would come in handy. Who’s to say we might get swimming mounts?

            One thing we need to learn is to be realistic and that it takes technology to get things in that we didn’t get before and to improve. I know that we are still early on about details of the game and I know we’ll get more exciting stuff to know on what to expect till it actually comes out.

          Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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