How I interpret the current state of Star Trek

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    Back in the 1960s when Star Trek first came out and was a massive hit, Trekkies rejoiced in it’s themes of equality, scientific exploration, exploring the Human condition, and learning life lessons along the way.

    Then after 3 seasons, the original Star Trek would be cancelled because the Networks thought it was unpopular?

    Star Trek being on the verge of cancellation, Trekkies of that time saved Star Trek by protesting  on the streets to keep it on the air to keep it alive like someone doing everything they could to keep a loved one from dying of dome horrible disease……

    …….now in 2021 with Star Trek STD and Picard, Trekkies are doing everything they can to get the show cancelled to save the franchise from sucking further like someone having to make the hard decision to take their loved one behind the shed and putting a bullet into their head after their loved one became infect with something terrible and became a……ZOMBIE….and putting them down is the only way to save their soul.

    Face it fellow Trekkies…Star Trek is currently a metaphorical zombie that we need to put down.





    What do doctor’s do when they find a tumor?  They remove it.

    That is what MUST be done to STD and STP  and STLD (ST lower decks) in-order to save the franchise.


    It is the same thing that the fans are calling for not just for Star Trek, but for Star Wars, Dr.Who, etc.


    That cancer must be removed in order to save pop-culture!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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