How Star Trek Has Fallen

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    Video clip of when Star Trek was good and supported American values




    Star Trek in the 1960s when it was getting cancelled, the fans then protested to keep it alive by finding a way to keep it on the air as long as possible like doing everything you could to keep a loved one alive.

    Star Trek fans today are trying to get Star Trek cancelled to keep the franchise from getting destroyed by wokeness like you having to make the decision put down a loved one that got infected with a zombie virus to save their soul.


      Star Trek was always a progressive vision of the future. But it was a positive vision, one filled with hope, understanding and held the belief the human race could go far.

      What has happened recently is dark, negative, foreboding and reflects the self hatred in the heart of many a progressive.


      I idea of human’s living in peace, and materialism and hunger and poverty are solved, and people are looking at bettering themselves goes completely against the woke’s agenda of victimhood, oppressors, greed.


      And since they can’t CREATE anything worth anything, they have to take an existing successful franchise (be it Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr.Who, comics, etc), a drive it into the ground because no one WANTS this garbage the woke infected.


      Repeat the same garbage, get the same results, but hoping this time the shit hits the wall and stays, just proves how demented they are.


      The originals, next generation all had morals and principles and good stories/character arcs.


      This woke garbage is immoral, unprincipled, pure agenda driven and is SHIT, IMO.



        “And since they can’t CREATE anything worth anything”

        I once heard someone say, “the devil hates beauty because he cannot create it”.


        I can’t believe this?

        After they finally announce the end of Dr.Karen and her soy-boss, we get this:

        It makes no sense.

        Were they drinking romulan ale when they agreed to this continuing disgrace to Star Trek!


        Great speeches. The best writing hacks from the all-time greats and re-interprets it for the new generations. The best heroes really are so idealistic that it is incredibly cheesy and then, they act and pretend like they can make it true. We are in the process where the world is going to have to choose between identity or cultural eradication. All the great speeches in the video are about blood and culture, and you have an option to turn your back on all of that for something better, but you had better be damn sure you are not making a mistake. I’m amazed at how many orphans and refugees actually end up such good people.

        Star Trek will live on in the fans and the writers. Fanfic will carry the torch and the flame will burn underground in the tunnels until this woke collapse boils over. Someday, the real fans will emerge and rebuild.




          Post DS9 and MAYBE Voyager and Enterprise… It’s just “Star Trash”.


          Studios blindly pissing money away for content to put on their streaming services. Doesn’t matter if it’s good, doesn’t matter if anyone is watching it,  It’s content.


            Honestly I think they are doing that because that’s all they can do. Netflix made a giant pile of cash off of other people’s content (fairly) and now it’s all gotten pulled that is all they can do. Well, you can also do what Amazon did which is turn your streaming service into a market place. That seems to be far more advantageous and profitable. From what I gather Netflix is bleeding subscribers and burning through cash creating garbage few care to watch.


              It makes no sense.

              Yeah, Kurtzman’s forehead seems to be getting taller every day. Or, that’s not what you were referring to?




              I guess film and television studios used to be run by people that were a little more savvy about the product their companies made.  I don’t believe 30 years ago a studio head, would look at Kurtzman’s track record, the poor ratings, the dead merchandise sales, and complete dismissal by fans, and think… Yeah this is the guy to give a $150,000,000+ contract to that spans 5 years.


              Cant wait to hear what the drinker thinks.

              Someone tell him to get onto Rumble or Odysee already.


              You can’t have “Star Trek” and “American Values” in the same paragraph without mentioning the epitome of both, the final scene in “The Omega Glory”, where Kirk explains the constitution to a group of off world American barbarians who lost their way after a nuclear war.


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