Humanity Is Becomming Dumber

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      How do i know this? Well, i ran out of shampoo and so needed to buy another, while shopping i noticed the new packeging, with a big-ass sticker on top of the cover saying “DO NOT EAT”… this is not kids shampoo, this is a shampoo bottle for adults, marketed to adults… i try desperately to contain my laughter in the shop, who the hell needs a warning lable not to eat bloody shampoo?? Says me who ate soap… twice… as an adult :P


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      This is the logical result of the welfare state. The breeding of the unfit and genetically inferior is subsidized through tax money stolen from the fit and able. It goes against natural law and evolution. This is by design.


      I also feel like the amount of people who could qualify for a Darwin Award has also increased exponentially.

      We already have it were in the vehicle manuals they have to write: “You still have to be behind the wheel while on cruise control”.

      Or warning people your “Hot Coffee” is hot.


      I find people are becoming more specialized (in jobs and skills) they cannot do regular home/car maintenance.

      If they lose or the power level of you smartphone does not allow you to use it, you are literally LOST.


      It also does not help the our modern education system does not teach critical thinking, but instead wants to make NPC-activists and indoctrinations.


        I also feel like the amount of people who could qualify for a Darwin Award has also increased exponentially

        What is a Darwin Award?? I assume people don’t want to be qualifying for it since you’re mentioning how more people can in a thread about being dumb?

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        The Darwin Awards are “awarded” for those people who do the most stupidest things of any given year.

        Honoring Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool–by removing themselves from it in the most spectacular way possible.

        The Darwin Awards



        And just like the Razzies (or Golden Raspberry Awards) who awards the worst in entertainment, are you considered a winner or loser if you are award a Razzie or Darwin Award?


 – These are the men tasked with protecting the country, “yeah, we’re safe guys 👍”


          Well, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Because I recently went through a selection process for a large company. There were a huge number of smart and educated people for one place. Now it is probably the stage in everyone’s life when, if there is a desire to develop, it is very easy to organize. There is a lot of interesting information on the Internet on which you can learn. It is also possible to order sop writing services india get a job and develop in this direction. Yes, of course, there are people who refuse to develop and choose the side of degradation, but I hope that such people are not a lot.

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            I think there is a big difference between those who cannot think (IE you are literally stupid or dumb or unintelligent) and those who are capable but just refuse too.


            The results of these tests show that it is possible for people as a whole to get better at some tasks dinosaur game. We know this already.


            There are a huge number of people going to universities now, getting an education, and becoming better and smarter…

            Getting indoctrinated, and “education” does not mean you are better nor smarter.

            If you spend $100K USD on a liberal arts major that has next to ZERO job openings, I will call you a dummy for wasting all that time/money on a useless degree.

            And then crying that you can’t afford to pay it back… boo hoo hoo!

            I have seen/talked to plumbers, electricians, trades people, stay-at-home mothers, cashiers, etc and they are smarter than the average college/university grad.


            And we are s till getting news reports of failing education systems.

            Students can’t do grade level math, writing, etc.

            School districts that have less than a third graduating.

            Students so poorly educated they had to make “no student left behind” (ie. they are not ready for the next grade level but we are pushing them on and out of the school system ASAP), to “we cannot fail a student” / “No zero grades” even if they hand in zero homework, don’t write and test/exams, etc.


            Students leaving school without the skills needed to function in the real world.  Heck, the number of high schoolers that don’t know how to count cash/provide change I have encountered is shockingly high.



              knowledge does not equal intelligence does not equal wisdom


              I agree 100%.

              I think you hit the nail on the head with the school issue.  They have to slow down for those whom have either learning issues or just need more help.  This leaves the smarter kids which could excel at the same knowledge level of those whom are struggling.  I know in some schools honor classes were removed for being racist or whatever which is an even more extreme version of what I just mentioned.

              I know for several school years my daughter had a child in some of her classes whom had downs syndrome.  Obviously in some of those classes this caused major slowdowns for obvious reasons but also because this poor child was prone to violent outbursts.  When they were little this was not a huge deal as he always had someone with him during the day.  So essentially while at school this poor kid needed a babysitter with him at all times.  As he got older and much bigger a large man had to be that babysitter so if he got out of control there was someone whom could control him.

              My point is not to be negative about the child withs downs.  To the contrary, I think putting him in a regular school makes it more difficult on him and places an undue burden on the school, it’s faculty and other children.


              At least they can name all the Kardashians without hesitation…


              And some school boards are wanting to throw away STAT scores, and standardized tests, because their schools are failing to TEACH students.  (Those are more wanting to indoctrinate and create activists than to teach/education the students).

              Every eighth grader failed state math tests at LeBron James-backed ‘I Promise School’

              The school, which instructs low-achieving students in grades two through eight, previously received $1.4 million from The LeBron James Foundation, its parent organization.

              Despite abundant resources, the school has not been able to meet state benchmarks.

              “For three years, not one child passed the state test in math? Not one? For three years?” school board member Valerie McKitrick asked during a review of test data from the 2022-2023 school year.

              This is but one example or many other there.

              The education system is FAILING students.

              They are being indoctrinated on WHAT to think (like a useful NPC/idiot), and not HOW to think.

              And those that do make it into “higher” education, how many pick useless fields of study that have no career’s in the real world.  Then they want the taxpayer to pay off their loans they signed for (and promised to pay back).

              As history has proven time and time again, a dumb population is easier to control than an educated population.  And the government(s) sure wants to control the population.

              CONSUME, do not question.

              Believe what we tell you to believe, ignore what you see with your own eyes.

              Accept the agenda/narrative, and let us do the thinking for you.

              You will own nothing, and be happy.


              Social media and online platforms make it easier for people to share thoughts, ideas, and expertise. This establishes the prerequisites for a collective intelligence that promotes innovation and complicated problem-solving.

              I am sure we are learning alot from all those tic-toc challenges.

              Or how often meaningful discussions/debates are shut down because one side was offended by facts and science and truths.

              We are finding people can’t do basic math without a smartphone.  Or even cashiers who with the help of the cash registers, can’t count change or properly give change.  (I had that happen twice this last week alone!)

              We see all those interviews where when people are asked why and what are they protesting for, can’t answer.


              So while access to information is at an all time high, that just means the average person no longer sees the need to actually LEARN it, understand it.

              Only the very few are taking advantage of all this access to information.


              And we have seen, during the lockdowns, how going to remote learning has had a negative impact on the development of our youth.

              We are seeing how, when teachers FAIL to teach skills (like critical thinking, reading, writing, math) but are more interested in indoctrinating NPCs, no amount of access to mass information will make them “smarter”.

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