I dislike the term “POC”

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      POC, known as “person of color” is a VERY racist term. And it’s a moronic term.

      It’s entire purpose is solely to draw racial lines between white people and everyone else.

      The term literally just means not white. And that’s really the only race it refers too.

      People need to stop using the phrases and words that come out of the progressive machine because all of them are designed to divide and cause chaos.


      And that is why the racists, leftists, and their propaganda media will NEVER stop using the “divide and conquer” terms.


      Funny thing is that white people as a whole have more color than every race. They have brown, gray, blue, green, or hazel eyes, various hair colors that include brown, various blondes, red, and black (not counting gray or white for old people), and while they have light skin, it can be darkened with the sun. The so-called POCs usually are just brown all over with maybe black hair.

      While you’re at it, stop using gender and use sex instead. Hell, gender was never used until liberal media crammed down people’s throats. The word even has a dark origin attached to it but I’ll let you look that up for yourself.


      I hate that term with a passion. Too close to “colored” for my liking….


      So because I’m not white then I am a POC? Also my grandma’s grand dad’s dad was half white and half Asian…..so technically I should be called a POC 1/10 white person just to be accurate according to the SJW logic.


        Yes essentially anyone not white is a POC. It’s really the flipside of saying “Whites Only”. And if we consider one term racist then both should be.


          Interestingly the only time I hear that term used is by the Democrats and their Allies. Mora Racial division brought to you by the Democrats.


          I’m sure as soon as the term POC becomes more mainstream, the very same far left academics that created the term, will decide it’s offensive and create a new term that will be pushed until it becomes popular, then that too will be deemed racist.  Rinse and repeat.


            Well, it will be something else in a year. These terms and labels keep changing because they need scapegoats and to demonize. If you don’t use the new proper words, you get a label yourself. You aren’t an “ally”. It’s how they continue conflict and division. The Trans/Gay/Bi/Whatever people continually have new labels to the point where even those people don’t know what half the labels are.

          Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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