I feel bad for Jake Lloyd more than Kelly Marie Tran

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    Alot of people are gonna get mad at me for even saying this but hey I have a right to my opinion and G&G encourages individual thought but I feel bad more for Jake Lloyd who played the kid version of Anakin Skywalker than I do for Kelly Marie Tran who played Rose Tico.

    This is old news about Kelly Marie Tran getting bullied online by a couple of trolls and the whole fucking internet went wild going “Oh poor Kelly, oh poor Kelly.” as if alot of people who have things like Facebook and Twitter don’t get bullied on a regular basis also on and Kelly Marie Tran is the first?

    What happened to Kelly Marie Tran whether you agree with me or not in my opinion is bit sized compared to the crap that happened to Jake Lloyd after he played Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace over 20 years ago.

    Jake Lloyd for one thing had people bullying him up to his face in public doing things like making lightsaber noises, he also had actual people come up to him and say he was what ruin Star Wars and some I think were even adults going up to a kid version of him, he was a kid when he went through all this stuff while all the stuff Kelly went through was as an adult and mainly online.

    Also unlike with Kelly Marie Tran, Jake Lloyd was a kid actor who had no say on if he wanted to become a public figure or not which would open himself up to people saying shit about him for being in Star Wars….hell he wasn’t old enough to understand the definition of public figure and what came with it.

    Jake’s parents likely had all the say in what movie he’ll do and looked at the risks and benefits of their child becoming a public figure then said he was going to do it.

    The life of a child actor isn’t easy just look at what happened to River Phoenix, Amanda Bynes, and so many others that had to pretend to be other people before being able to figure themselves out before puberty abd their parents had all the say in what roles they took.

    Meanwhile Kelly Marie Tran was likely over 18 when she began taking roles in movies and shows having her own choice along with her own outcomes of her own choices.

    Kelly Marie Tran was an adult woman with a fully formed frontal lobe used for reasoning when she got her role of Rose Tico and should’ve been mature and smart enough to forsee her ending up in a situation of being a public figure where people would say shit about her online and be able to weigh the risks and gain before taking her role that would change her life forever. Adults have choice while children have none.

    So by the media telling us to think of only 28 year old Kelly Marie Tran and her harassment online by a few toxic fans versus Jake Lloyd 9 or 10 years old in 1999 getting pushed around and harassed in a time before the internet got big having to be screamed at for things beyond his control with no group pf people protecting him from it……that went on for over 20 years……the media is telling me that Kelly Marie Tran an adult woman has a thinner skin than a 9 year old boy who went through this without the internet and much longer?

    Who could serve in the army in the Western World last time I checked…..a 9 year old boy or a 28 year old woman? I ask this because most of you would say the 28 year old woman because in my opinion she would be a grown adult with a mind of her own and be able to handle anything coming her way no matter the difficulty while a 9 year old boy in the army would be at a disadvantage with his lack of fully developed mind or body and children having greater fear of things because they know so little compared to an adult and would make alot of bad decisions that would get him hurt or killed in combat.

    So Kelly Marie Tran should be stronger than little kid Jake Lloyd in her problems of playing a terribly written character in Star Wars movie that was not liked.

    Also Kelly did her role in a time period in our current world where people would protect her from rude comments online and stand up for her no matter what while Jake Lloyd a little kid got none of it and was piled on over and over for over 20 years…….that lead to him going nuts in real life and developing mental problems.

    I don’t think Kelly in 20 years is gonna end up like Jake Lloyd as she whether she sees it or admits it or not but she does have a thicker skin than little kid Jake Lloyd did and a frontal lobe like any adult to deal with anything that comes her way in life even bad comments by a few idiot trolls.

    Look Ahmed Best I think went through even worse in his role of Jar Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace in my opinion than Kelly, yes he did try to kill himself in real life but he pulled through in the end and didn’t kill himself or let the negativity of his Jar Jar Binks role get to him….he rose above it and lived a normal life in the end.

    I think 28 year old Kelly Marie Tran should be able to do the same as Ahmed Best and rise above the crap she went through especially with her support from Star Wars fans on both sides of liking or hating the Disney Star Wars that would take a stand against her harassment online.

    Since there is so much shit behind the scenes with Star Wars now, I think Rose Tico is gonna be easily forgotten very soon and Kelly will have people in the street not even know she was in Star Wars or even care about it while Jake Lloyd and Ahmed Best no such luxury because things with Star Wars for them moved much slower, behind the scenes stuff with the Prequels weren’t really a big deal believe it or not so nothing got buried as much and so the endured backlash from their roles far longer.

    Also Jake Lloyd will always have his child self’s essence be forever engraved in the Star Wars mythos of the Prequels and forever see his lost childhood on much Star Wars merchandise like art, books, toys, videogames and of course the movie he starred in that caused him to quit acting afterward because of all his real life harassment.

    That image of kid Anakin will always be a constantly reminder of what changed his life forever from a care free kid who loved Star Wars to being the one blamed by random crazed fans in the streets that were even grown adults for the failure of the Star Wars Prequels back in the day.

    It hurts more in my opinion if you see your child self hurt than your adult self hurt in my own opinion as someone who endured much trauma in his childhood from bullying but to have it on a scale of being a public figure with so much attention like Jake Lloyd did is awful.

    And those of you out there saying you’re just feeling bad for Jake Lloyd because he is white and Kelly is Asian well I have tell you something….I am Asian the Oriental kind like Kelly is and I feel more bad for Jake Lloyd than I do for Kelly…..so compute that logic.

    I am not saying I don’t a feel a bit bad for what Kelly went through but Jake Lloyd being a kid at the time and going through what he went through as he was entering puberty where things would only get more confusing from there just adds an unnecessary level of hardship no child should ever go through.

    Feel free to agree or disagree with me.





    Of course Jake being a kid at the time makes his situation much worse than what Kelly went thru, and i will add, like you said @Megazord_Jeremy, the likelyhood that his parents pushed him into this is very high, you can tell by the way he turned out, of course the relentless bullying would contribute to him going nuts, but i think the biggest factor in him going nuts starts with his parents, i can say i’m 99% sure that had he grown up in a more supportive enviroment, he would’ve come out of this terrible situation much better

    As for Kelly, yes she’s an adult capable of making her own decisions, but it’s one thing saying “i can take the backlash, i can deal with trolls”, and it’s another actually having to deal with it, and some people will be able to handel the pressure while other’s won’t, plus, we don’t know how Kelly grew up, what her childhood was like, she could’ve had the most supportive and loving family in the world, but she could’ve also had the opposit and have been thru bullying, even if not as a public figure, but still as a kid, and a person’s childhood can effect how they deal with different situations later on in life

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