I feel like our WW2 veterans fought for nothing

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    I feel like our brave WW2 veterans who went overseas over 80 years ago to fight for freedom for their families and country in the end fought for nothing cause I look at the world around us now? So many sheeple are freely giving up their freedom for fear of what….some bug. And now we are losing the ability to say what we want, do what we want and live how we want.

    Can any of us truly look into the eyes of the last living WW2 veterans who stormed the beaches of Normandy for our freedom from bad guys from WW2 and authoritarianism then tell them to their face…that their sacrifice was worth it?

    Cause I sure can’t because we spat in the face of that 95 year old WW2 veteran when we choose to follow this stupid 1984 nightmare of do as you’re told instead of thinking for ourselves.

    My grandma who as a little girl in WW2 was interned by the Japanese in an internment camp after the Japanese invaded her country, she suffered there seeing so much horror in those internment camps in her country for nothing during her childhood only to have to endure being put under another authoritarian nightmare imprisonment this time by governmental medical tyranny of the highest degree.

    This present we are living in now is the very thing the WW2 veterans fought to prevent yet it ended up happening anyways and we morons calling ourselves their descendants failed to stop it.

    I am ashamed of myself and I ashamed everyone in the world that didn’t see or witness what that 95 year old WW2 veteran saw over 80 years ago fighting overseas so that we wouldn’t have to and this is the thanks we give him?

    Stan Lee best know for creating so many Marvel superheroes we grew up with like Spiderman, Hulk, the Fantastic Four, Ironman and many other heroes may his soul rest in peace was a war veteran in WW2. Though he didn’t fight in the front lines like other troops in WW2 as he was assigned to write instruction manuals of how to use military equipment in the battlefield he still helped in the war effort in his own way by writing down good and detailed directions that saved alot of front line troops lives helping them know properly how to use their equipment in war.

    We failed Stan Lee, we failed to live up to the virtues and values he wanted to impart onto us his fans in the Marvel characters he wrote about in the comics. None of us here were brave like Captain America in the face of authoritarianism and instead let it control us instead of saying “No I won’t surrender to oppression”

    None of us lived up the Hulk to use our anger to tell these politician bullies that we aren’t gonna stand for more rules or lockdowns.

    And none of us held the Politicians accountable for their actions that lead to this current world as they and us failed to realize that With Great Powers, Comes Great Responsibility

    And we all across the world failed our responsibility to keep our world free and open from the nightmare we are all in. Stan Lee is probably looking down at all of us now from wherever he is now and is ashamed in seeing how weak we are for letting stuff like this get this far after the sacrifice he made in WW2.




    How many people in positions of authority/influence hate the past.

    Hate the idea their spoiled life was built on the sacrifices that others gave for life, liberty, freedom and democracy.

    Instead, the people who HATED such ideas, infiltrated all levels of society.

    And it was known way back on how these people planned to destroy western civilization.

    This is exactly what is happening today.

    You should look up for the whole long version, but this does gives the concepts.


      That generation gladly fought with everything they had, they happily gave everything and handed us paradise. We collectively said F you in return.


      Weak leaders create strife.

      Strife creates strong leaders.

      Strong leaders create unity.

      Unity creates weak leaders… We are here. Have been for 20+ years. Trump was trying to fix it before it fell off the cliff but he had no help from the RINOs.


      Can’t be as bad as the ones who fought in Iraq only to come back homeless or just discarded by two presidents with nobody giving a damn. At least WW2 veterans came back as heroes.


      Considering that they were trying to topple the Winston Churchill statue down in London last year- and this dude helped us through WW2 btw- sadly this is true. They’re clearly not aware that if he HADN’T helped with WW2 we’d all be speaking German and they most certainly wouldn’t have been allowed to say and do what they’re currently doing! When my grandmother found out about this via her radio she was just as mad as I was and it was on the same day that they were vandalising the Queen Victoria statue as well!



        It is insane to me that people would participate gladly in their own destruction just because someone told them too.

        It’s no different than giving someone a hammer and telling them to whack themselves in the head until they are unconscious and when they ask why you just say well because the man is trying to keep you down. And then they happily knock themselves out.


        Lemmings and useful idiots.

        People who do NOT want to think for themselves, and need safe spaces when faced with reality.

        They are literally the lost generation in more ways than one.


          Why don’t people want to think for themselves?

          It’s risky.

          You might very well find out you are wrong.




            Most people when they become wealthy will have some sort of morality, but it often quickly erodes when they find out it gets in the way of staying wealthy. So they will do/say anything they need to so they can stay “elite”. IE Kevin Smith


            This is exactly why I am sick of WW2 movies. Enough already. Sometimes, I feel like I am the one who is a right-wing snowflake. I get triggered when I see old movies. The way the people looked and dressed was sharp and strack. People were young, lean and good-looking. The media reflected a very innocent public. Now, people are all inked up, doped up, drunk, fat, foul language everywhere, pimp and ho subculture, etc. It’s all just gross.


            What better what to over throw a country when the population is in no condition to rise up and protect itself.

            Make the population obese, sick, and hating their own nation/culture/values/etc.

            They will WANT to be taken over.

            That is exactly what was warned would happen.  (See vid above).

            Their strategy was to win the LONG war, not the short term small confrontations/battles.

            And that is exactly what is happening.

            The west is LOSING, and it’s very existence is on the verge of being destroyed.

            Dictators (and communism) will burn now all your rights and freedoms.

            And the saps are cheering for it!  Its a sad stat.

            Mass mental disorder if ever there was one.

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