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    So, I admit that I’m new to the whole podcast aspect of the media and I have a few ideas lying around while trying to iron things out.  However…I know that at some point in time, I’m going to have to create something out of my own pocket while being an online student and also working.  That being said…I will admit that I would consider some of the people at Geeks and Gamers and a few other Youtuber creators my “senpai” whereas I would be the “kouhai” of the group.  Let me translate the two terms for you (no offense Senor Ivan Ortega, but I might have to drop my two cents on some things, despite being a beginner myself in Japanese). Senpai is used when addressing someone that has more exposure and experience in something.  In the case of high school and college, that would be the senior. Kouhai is more or less like a late bloomer or late addition to an organization, which would be one tier below senpai – simply put, the junior of the group.  That being said, Retro Toku Grid would not only consist of things related to Japanese pop culture (anime, Tokusatsu), but I have a nagging feeling that the “retro” part would also be misinterpreted. I plan to also venture back with regards to when Western animation was good back then; not great, but good, among other topics, like films, books, from a retrospective POV.  That being said, I have written down a possible outline as to the purpose of my future community RTG.  I don’t mind one’s opinions on the matter and can take constructive criticism pretty well.

    [Purpose of Retro Toku Grid Community]

    To Show Appreciation For Geek Culture
    To Show Support For All Geeks
    To Fight Wokeness Propaganda
    To Destroy SJWs and the Wokestream Media
    To Respect The Source Material That Made Us Geeks
    To Show Respect And Gratitude For Japan and their contribution to Geek Culture
    To Reminisce The Glory Days And Share It With Others
    To Reinforce Gatekeeping
    To Revive Art Without Politics
    To Bring Back Escapism
    To Revive Friendly Debate and Discussion
    To Remember And Respect History
    To Respect and Honor Those Who Laid the Foundation for Geek Culture
    Here’s to the true geeks.



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